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Would you have to submit a research paper on medical science topics? Are you hunting for the top medical research topics for your assignments? Well, for your convenience, here, in this blog post, we have presented a list of excellent medical research topic ideas in various categories. Additionally, to help you in identifying an ideal medical research topic, we have also shared some key medical research paper topic selection tips.

Continue reading this blog post and get exclusive ideas for medical research paper writing.

What is a Medical Research Paper?

A medical research paper is an academic paper that is written on any medical science topic. If you are a medical student, then during your course of study, at least once you will be asked to submit this paper. Usually, in order to evaluate your understanding of medical concepts, your professors will ask you to come up with a medical research paper.

As medical science is a complex subject, to prepare a medical research paper, you must possess extraordinary subject knowledge and impressive writing skills. Most importantly, you must have a unique topic to engage and educate your target readers. In particular, for writing a medical research paper, you can choose any topics related to anatomy, pediatrics, physiotherapy, nursing, dermatology, bioethics, surgery, and so on.

When it comes to writing a medical research paper, you should provide necessary details and explain your thesis statement with valid supporting evidence or examples. Also, the medical thesis you prepare should be simple, informative, understandable, and well-structured with essential sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Medical Research Topics

How to Select an Ideal Medical Research Topic?

In the research paper writing process, choosing an ideal topic is one of the difficult and challenging tasks to handle. Generally, while giving medical assignments, your professors will suggest some unique medical research questions for you to choose from. In case, no research topics were assigned, you should search and find a perfect medical research topic of your choice.

Currently, do you have to choose a medical research topic on your own? Well, first, in your preferred medical research area, gather interesting medical research topic ideas by checking the below-mentioned sources.

  • Medicine journals, scholarly books, and published research papers.
  • Trustworthy websites or blogs related to the field of medicine.
  • Reputable websites such as WHO, IMHO, etc.

Next, brainstorm all the gathered research ideas and ignore the ones that have less or no research scope. Finally, from the shortlisted medical research ideas choose one good topic that is comfortable for you to analyze and write about. Note that, the topic you select is said to be ideal only if it satisfies the following medical research topic selection tips.

  • The topic should be from the medical research area you are passionate about or have a strong knowledge of.
  • It should be neither too vast nor too specific. If the topic is too vast, narrow it down to any specific subtopic.
  • The topic should have broad research scope, extensive information, and enough sources of references.
  • It should contain valid pieces of evidence and examples to explain and prove your thesis statement.
  • The selected topic should be related to any of the latest medical issues or advanced developments in the field of medicine. Avoid choosing frequently discussed medical research topics.
  • On the whole, the topic you have selected should meet your professor or university’s research paper writing guidelines.

List of Medical Research Topics and Ideas


List of Medical Research Topics

We know how difficult it is to identify a good medical research topic. So, in order to make your topic selection process easier, below we have listed some interesting medical research topics in various categories related to the field of medicine.

If you are struggling to find a good medical research topic, then without any hesitation, access the entire list and from it choose a topic that suits you perfectly.

Medical Research Topics on Genetics

The following are some medical research topics on genetics you can consider for writing your medical research paper.

  1. Discuss the possible therapies for GNE myopathy.
  2. What is the role of screenings in gynecologic cancer prevention?
  3. Explain the genetics behind coronary artery disease.
  4. Discuss the relation between genetics and nutrition.
  5. Study the genetic similarities between Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  6. What are the genes associated with allergic diseases?
  7. Study the genetics of epilepsy.
  8. Write about the reverse genetics involved in the creation of vaccines.
  9. What is the use of whole-genome sequencing in epileptology?
  10. Behavioural genetics: Twin and family studies.
  11. Cytogenetics: Karyotyping
  12. Epigenetics: Molecular basis
  13. Molecular genetics: Molecular basis for inheritance.
  14. Genome analysis.
  15. Human mitochondrial genetics: Mitochondrial genes.

Medical Research Topics on Nursing

Nursing is a profession within the healthcare field that mainly focuses on taking care of patients and helping them to recover and lead a healthy life. Listed below are a few nursing topics you can take into account for writing your medical research paper.

  1. What is the role of nurses in a surgery room?
  2. Analyze the factors that affect elderly nursing care programs.
  3. Compare and contrast nursing in developing countries versus developed countries.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing shifts in case of a pandemic.
  5. Discuss the ethical challenges associated with the nursing profession.
  6. Explain why memory loss is associated with advancement in age.
  7. Compare and contrast the role of a doctor versus those of a nurse.
  8. Explain the impact of domestic violence on the effectiveness of a nurse.
  9. Describe what constitutes a typical day of a nurse’s life.
  10. Prepare a case study of nurses at a hospital of your choice.
  11. Antibiotics impact on childhood immunities.
  12. Effects of childhood exposure to environmental pollutants.
  13. Effects of second-hand smoke inhalation in early life.
  14. Ethics of paediatric care.
  15. Genetic factors of diabetes in children.

Medical Research Topics on Pediatrics

Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the health and medical care of infants, children, and adolescents up to 18 years of age. If you are interested in analyzing the health of children, then for your medical research paper, you can consider any of the following medical research topics related to pediatrics.

  1. What are the effects of prenatal exposure to air pollution?
  2. Discuss the recent innovations in pediatric dentistry.
  3. How to prevent antibiotic resistance in children.
  4. Discuss the effective ways to improve the quality of life in children with cerebral palsy.
  5. What are the possible causes of eating disorders in children?
  6. Explain the risk factors associated with meningitis in children.
  7. Discuss the prevention strategies of childhood obesity.
  8. How to diagnose and manage childhood asthma.
  9. Explain the peculiarities of movement disorders in children.
  10. How to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Anatomy and Physiology Research Topics

Are you looking for anatomy and physiology research topics for writing your medical research paper? If yes, then the below-suggested list will be helpful to you.

  1. Present the latest discoveries in human microbial ecology.
  2. Explain the role of copper irons in kidney fibrosis.
  3. Describe the role of the central lateral thalamus in controlling consciousness.
  4. Explain the relation between obesity and knee osteoarthritis.
  5. What are the effects of a stroke on Upper Esophageal Sphincter functions?
  6. How to measure neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function.
  7. Discuss the efficient ways to diagnose endometriosis.
  8. Write about the brain changes in people who recover from a stroke.
  9. Describe the role of N-type calcium channels in regulating aldosterone production.
  10. What is the role of extensor hallucislongus in hallux pathology?
  11. How does chemotherapy affect the body?
  12. Write about the functions of the thyroid gland in the body.
  13. Describe the role of the human endocrine system.
  14. Discuss the effects of stress on cells and muscles.
  15. Explain the aging process in humans.

Mental Health Research Topics

Mental health is identified as behavioral, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Mainly, it focuses on how an individual thinks, behaves, and feels. The following are a few mental health research topics you can consider for writing your medical dissertation.

  1. Explain how the birth injury affects the mental health of a child.
  2. Discuss the consequences of environmental changes on human health.
  3. Explain how sports promote mental health attitudes.
  4. Discuss the connection between mental health and abortion.
  5. What is the influence of physical activities on mental health?
  6. Explain the impact of terrorism on the mental health of a person.
  7. What is the impact of asylums on treating mental issues?
  8. How to handle mentally challenged individuals.
  9. Analyze the various successful treatments for mental diseases.
  10. Explain the impact of quarantines on the mental state of a person.
  11. What are the genetic factors associated with neuroticism?
  12. How to predict relapse in patients with depression.
  13. What are the brain differences in bipolar adolescents with suicidal behavior?
  14. How can immune stress influence mental disorders and drug use?
  15. What are the effective ways to improve mental health in jails?
  16. Explain the efficacy of hypnosis and its clinical use.
  17. Discuss the link between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
  18. How to diagnose ADHD in children.
  19. Analyze the language patterns in psychotic patients.
  20. How to cope with depression using computer applications.

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

Medical Ethics is an applied branch of ethics. It mainly focuses on a set of moral principles and values to be followed during clinical practice and medical research. Here is a list of medical ethics research topics you can consider for crafting your medical thesis.

  1. Why cloning is an issue of morals versus ethics?
  2. Discuss the ethical issues associated with terminal diseases such as cancer.
  3. Explain the privacy and confidentiality issues related to medicine.
  4. Write about the ethical issues associated with organ transplantation.
  5. Discuss the ethical issues related to animal research.
  6. Write about the ethics of in-vitro fertilization on reproductive technology.
  7. How to handle discrimination in the provision of healthcare based on social status.
  8. Discuss the ethics of saving a pregnant woman.
  9. Write about euthanasia and its medical ethics.
  10. Discuss the ethical issues associated with organ donation.

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Medical anthropology studies the illness, prevention of diseases, medical care, and biotechnologies across societies. To write a medical research paper, you can consider any of the following research topics on medical anthropology.

  1. Explain the medical culture of China.
  2. Analyze the contributions of Egypt to medicine.
  3. Discuss the medical culture of England.
  4. How does culture affect medical exposure?
  5. Explain how caffeine endangers human health.
  6. How does multigenerational addiction affect kids?
  7. Examine why people from a certain region are short.
  8. What are the cultural and political aspects of human reproduction?
  9. How to overcome racial health disparities.
  10. Explain the development of medical anthropology in the international arena.

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Public Health Research Topics

Public health is referred to as the science of improving the safety and health of human population through education, laws, policies, and research activities. Listed below are a few public health research topics you can take into consideration for writing your medical research paper.

  1. What are the challenges that public hospitals face?
  2. Suggest some effective strategies to develop affordable public healthcare.
  3. Write about tobacco and public health.
  4. Explain the impact of private health firms on the existing public ones.
  5. What infectious diseases are the most threatening to the population?
  6. Study the effects of obesity and physical inactivity on the population.
  7. Explain the impact of air pollutants on human health.
  8. What is the effect of global travel on public health?
  9. Discuss the influence of racism on public health.
  10. What is the impact of unsafe water on public health?
  11. Explain the effects of global warming on public health.
  12. What factors lead to high blood pressure among the population?
  13. How does road design influence physical activity levels among the population?
  14. Explain how the prolongation of life influences public health.
  15. Discuss the effects of excess salt on people’s health.

Medical Sociology Research Topics

Medical sociology or health sociology is a branch of sociology that studies the cultural and social causes and effects of health, medicine, and illness. The following is a list of medical sociology research topics that will be helpful to you in preparing a brilliant medical research paper.

  1. How does malnutrition affect children?
  2. Discuss the health consequences of high cholesterol.
  3. What is the role of black magic in healthcare?
  4. Explain how video games can lead to illnesses.
  5. Discuss the effects of tech innovations in public healthcare.
  6. What are the harmful objects that cause lung cancer?
  7. Explain the importance of dental check-ups.
  8. Discuss the medicalization of society and its impact.
  9. How globalization has impacted the health of the population.
  10. What are the health factors that affect disease spread and prevention in communities?
  11. Analyze sociological healthcare reforms.
  12. How globalization has impacted the health of the population.
  13. Evaluate the physical and psychological health support issues in society.
  14. Find out the emerging areas in medical sociology and their social effect.
  15. Evaluate the patterns of physician-patient interactions.

Medical Biochemistry Research Topics

Medical biochemistry is a branch of biochemistry that studies the chemical composition and processes in the human body. Here is a list of medical biochemistry research topics that will help you to come up with an outstanding medical research paper.

  1. How to quantify proteins in organisms.
  2. Describe the CV imaging process.
  3. Evaluate ion mobility in mass spectrometry.
  4. Discuss the fatty-acid catabolism.
  5. Explain the medical features of acute copper sulfate poisoning.
  6. Analyze a controlled mixed fermentation.
  7. How to produce vaccines using biotechnology.
  8. Explain how mapping the human genome prevents diseases.
  9. How to use rational protein engineering.
  10. What are the effects of producing ethanol from lignocellulose waste materials?
  11. Explain how the human skin reacts to toxic chemicals.
  12. Discuss the different approaches to extracting or treating dental caries.
  13. What are the technological advances in genome editing?
  14. Explain the effective tissue clearing techniques for optical microscopy.
  15. Discuss cellular and molecular dissection procedures.

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Medical Microbiology Research Topics

Medical microbiology or clinical microbiology is a branch of microbiology that studies microorganisms that are capable of causing diseases and infections in humans. If you want to write an excellent medical research paper, then feel free to choose any of the following research topics on medical microbiology.

  1. Prepare a case study of probiotics and their preparation practices.
  2. Explain how bacteria grow in varying acidic environments.
  3. Discuss the role of music on bacteria growth and development.
  4. Explain the impact of microwave radiation on different organisms.
  5. How to test the toxicity of marine pollutants using daphnia.
  6. Examine the virology concepts of seasonal influenza and its effects.
  7. Explain the use of biotechnology in sickle cell anemia prevention.
  8. How does cannabis affect the human body?
  9. Discuss the impact of Ebola on recent diseases.
  10. How is an autopsy used to determine the death of a person?
  11. Have a closer look at the revolutionary discoveries in microbiology.
  12. What are the consequences of hemodialysis?
  13. How to erase and implant human memory.
  14. Discuss the challenges of imaging in biomedical research.
  15. Examine recent discoveries in Alzheimer’s disease.

Interesting Medical Research Topics

The following is a list of interesting medical research topics that will help you to score an A+ grade.

  1. What diseases cause hair loss?
  2. Discuss the benefits of telemedicine.
  3. What eye problems can diabetes cause?
  4. Explain the effective ways to prevent sports injuries.
  5. Analyze the challenges encountered in maternity wards.
  6. Evaluate the impact of dietary supplements on one’s health.
  7. What is the role of therapy in advancing the economic and political status of a country?
  8. Explain the differences between epidemic and pandemic.
  9. Assess the viability and effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines.
  10. How to use medical devices safely.
  11. Discuss the implication of LGBTQ on medical care.
  12. Why are the whites primarily susceptible to malaria attacks?
  13. Evaluate the benefits and dangers of immunization at a tender age.
  14. Explain how to regulate the sale of medical products.
  15. Describe the role of exercise and fitness in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Captivating Medical Research Topics

Suggested below are a few captivating medical research topics you can consider for writing your medical science thesis.

  1. What are the medical reasons behind vegetarianism?
  2. Discuss the mutation of the coronavirus.
  3. How is virtual reality transforming medicine?
  4. Critically discuss the impact of transplanting a sexual organ.
  5. What are the effects of surgeries on organs and artificial tissues?
  6. How to care for cancer patients in their critical stages.
  7. Discuss the ethical implications behind sperm and egg donation.
  8. Explain the science of pain assessment and management in surgical wards.
  9. Evaluate the challenges faced in the regulation of biomedical research.
  10. What are the critical causes of gluten allergy?
  11. Analyze the health effects of female genital mutilation.
  12. How to care for the liver.
  13. Explore why obesity is more prevalent among ladies than men.
  14. Explain how to deal with joint disorders.
  15. What are the underlying challenges of preventative medicine?

Top-rated Medical Research Topics

Do you want top medical research topic ideas for your medical assignment? Well, then have a look at the list below and from it choose a topic that impresses you.

  1. Explain the impact of 5G technology on medical research and collaboration across the world.
  2. How to ensure a faster recovery process for post-operative patients.
  3. Discuss the innovations in the field of clinical cardiology.
  4. How to diagnose a poisoned patient.
  5. Explain how telemedicine impacts the field of medicine.
  6. Discuss the impact of mechanical ventilation.
  7. Write about liver and kidney transplantation.
  8. How to prevent breast cancer.
  9. Explain the dangers of the digital age on healthcare.
  10. Discuss the genetic factors of Tourette’s disorder.
  11. Compare bulimia and anorexia.
  12. What are the major causes of sleep disorders?
  13. Discuss bone and mineral disorders.
  14. How does a brain tumor affect the body’s function?
  15. Examine how stroke affects the brain.

Compelling Medical Research Topics

Here is a list of compelling medical research topics you can take into account for writing an amazing medical research paper.

  1. What are the common symptoms of celiac disease?
  2. Discuss the effects of contraception on female bodies.
  3. Study the pros and cons of breastfeeding.
  4. Explain the causes and effects of heart attacks in humans.
  5. What are the effects of postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder?
  6. Explain the risks involved in a medically induced coma.
  7. How does energy-dense food affect people?
  8. What are the major causes of acute respiratory distress syndrome?
  9. Discuss the effect of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  10. Evaluate the forensic psychiatry field.
  11. Medical study with animals raises ethical concerns.
  12. Symptoms, causes, effects on health, and treatments for sleep paralysis
  13. Should a high school curriculum include a subject in medicine?
  14. What physical characteristics and attributes should a candidate have in order to perform the treatment?
  15. Consider how long or how little time it takes to complete a medical course.
  16. Challenges in biomedical research: evaluation.
  17. advantages of vaccination from the perspective of disease prevention.
  18. importance of pharmacy professionals in the medical industry.
  19. Standards for personal hygiene and the impact of a community-driven participatory approach.
  20. Critical analysis of medical myths and misconceptions.

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