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What is Health Research?

Health research comes under the huge and complex field of Medicine, writing a health research paper can be interesting and difficult. So, to make your task easier, we have here provided new topics on the health research topics that will help the students in choosing their topic of choice. We have also mentioned important tips So, go through the blog post thoroughly and have a look at the topic ideas given.

Tips to write an impactful Health Research paper

Other than selecting a good topic for your health research paper, a more challenging part is constructing and writing the paper itself. A subject matter that is interesting and that will hold on to the attention of your readers needs to be chosen.

Go through the following guidelines below if you want to write a great research paper:

  • First and foremost, begin with selecting an interesting topic. Also, make sure that you can find sufficient information on it on the internet.
  • After you have prepared a good list of topics, now keep your focus on the latest health research topics. If you write about the latest trends, problems, and developments in the healthcare industry, you can attract the reader’s attention.
  • Make sure to analyze the significance of your paper for an essay or thesis

A list of the best 210 Topics in Health Research

List of Health Research Topics

If you are not sure about how to choose an impactful Health research topic and write an excellent Health research paper assignment, then we recommend you to go through this blog and get started by first choosing a topic of your choice.

Some of the basic Health Research Topics

  1. The 21st-century media, and child abuse.
  2. How does speech disorder impact the development of a child.
  3. Is plastic surgery a healthy option for a beauty treatment?
  4. What is the importance of therapists in curing mental disorders.
  5. A comparative analysis of mental disorders and mood disorders.
  6. Impact of the deprivation of sleep on one’s memory.
  7. Fear of Covid-19 vaccinations.
  8. Bodybuilding is a healthy option- Explain.
  9. Alternative for medications and their purpose.
  10. What is the major cause of cancer in the United States.
  11. Cannabis legalization in the US- Pros and cons.
  12. Public and private healthcare facilities in the UK- A comparative analysis.
  13. Key causes of post-traumatic disorder in the US.
  14. If given the best care service, how long a person might survive?
  15. Relevance of ancient health practices in the current time.
  16. Effectiveness of inmate rehabilitation program.
  17. How medical cannabis manages various conditions?
  18. Child abuse and the 21st-century media.
  19. Impact of speech disorder on a child’s development.
  20. Is plastic surgery a healthy beauty treatment option?
  21. Importance of therapists in treating mental disorders.
  22. Mental disorders and mood disorders- A comparative analysis.

Health Research Topics that are of high quality

  1. What are the alternative medications and how it functions?
  2. Impact of society’s beauty standards on the health of the public.
  3. Effects of bullying on the children’s achievements- Early childhood development.
  4. Key causes of seizures in young adolescents.
  5. Blood transfusion and its side effects.
  6. Relevance of physical exercise in managing body posture.
  7. Exploring the Farm Bill Amendments of 2018- Cannabis legalization in the US.
  8. Genetics engineering and government permission.
  9. The logic behind spiritual care.
  10. Stress management for the nursing professionals.
  11. Mortality rates of a medical professional in China and US- A comparative analysis.
  12. How parent’s negligence relates to childhood obesity?
  13. A world without social media- Analyze.
  14. Exploring the key types of depression.
  15. Early-stage autism- Diagnosis and treatment.
  16. Is it possible to overcome depression in society?
  17. Education programs for autistic patients’ treatment.
  18. Application of advanced technology to manage infertility problems among women.
  19. Teen pregnancy in New York versus teen pregnancy in California- A comparative analysis.
  20. Hospital birth versus home birth.
  21. Heart attack symptoms in women.
  22. Surrogate pregnancy and ethical issues.
  23. Impact of advanced technology on a teenager’s health.

Health research topics that include mental health

  1. How financial instability leads to depression?
  2. Role of a teacher in student’s depression management.
  3. Impact of violent music on children.
  4. Effect of Covid-19 on homelessness in the US.
  5. The threat of medical research on people.
  6. Pros and cons of autistic patients.
  7. Role of women in family health improvement.
  8. Baby bonding before birth.
  9. How does endometriosis relates to genetics?
  10. Causes of infertility among women.
  11. Gestational weight gain A comprehensive analysis.
  12. Obesity and pregnant women- Analyze the rules.
  13. Impact of high-heel shoes on a woman’s health.
  14. Application of advanced technology to manage infertility problems among women.
  15. Teen pregnancy in New York versus teen pregnancy in California- A comparative analysis.
  16. Hospital birth versus home birth.
  17. Heart attack symptoms in women.
  18. Surrogate pregnancy and ethical issues.
  19. Impact of advanced technology on a teenager’s health.

Few Potential Health Research Topics

  1. Analyzing the possible solutions for HIV/ AIDS.
  2. PTSD in women versus men- A comparative analysis.
  3. Talk about the care needs of a pregnant woman.
  4. Effects of poverty on women and children.
  5. Normal delivery versus C-Section delivery.
  6. Identify five challenges for women after menopause.
  7. HIV testing is mandatory for pregnant women- Review.
  8. Key causes of puberty.
  9. Health risks of pregnancy termination.
  10. Autistic kids and pet therapy.
  11. Modern neonatal practices.
  12. Analyzing the self-instruction kit’s effectiveness.
  13. How does a kid’s habit indicate the possibility of autism?
  14. Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine- A comparative analysis.
  15. Breast cancer and psychological issues.
  16. Medicines and virtual reality- Explore the key benefits.
  17. Is surrogacy ethical?
  18. Pros and cons of evidence-based public health informatics.
  19. Key causes of antibiotic resistance among children.

Some of the comprehensive topics in Health Research

  1. Is it a good idea to apply GMOs to fight hunger?
  2. Best strategies to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  3. Impact of human rights issues on public health.
  4. Healthy housing principles in the UK.
  5. Key challenges among the teenagers of the current time.
  6. The opioid crisis and the blame on the doctors.
  7. Popular mental disorders in the US.
  8. Antibiotics and the people’s dependence on them.
  9. Compare and contrast three mental disorders in Manchester and London.
  10. Psychological relaxation and its relevance.
  11. Causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  12. Core strategies of grief management.
  13. Teenage pregnancy minimization and women empowerment.
  14. Women health and modern feminism.
  15. Impact of hate crimes on the community.
  16. Effect of terrorism on a child’s psychology.
  17. Family and community tolerance- Mental health improvement.
  18. Influence of dreams on a person’s decision.
  19. Women and men dream literature.

Health research topics that talk about mental health

  1. Key causes of multiple personality disorder.
  2. Is dreaming healthy for your body?
  3. Analyze the cause and solution for teenage suicides.
  4. Impact of phobia on a person’s personality.
  5. Postpartum depression and strategies to reduce the problem.
  6. Best treatment options for dementia patients.
  7. How do dreams relate to souls?
  8. Dreams of adolescents and dreams of adults- A comparative analysis.
  9. Transforming dreams into reality- What is the possibility?
  10. Comparing teenage suicide cases in the 21st century and 20th
  11. Psychology and law- How is it connected?
  12. What is applied behavioral analysis?
  13. Why is the military in psychology important?
  14. Agoraphobia and its best treatment.
  15. Controlling panic pain through psychology.
  16. Symptoms of ADHD among children.
  17. Is ADHD treatable?
  18. Key causes of deficit hyperactivity disorders in children.
  19. Right behaviors in sports and competition.
  20. Sufficient water intake- Advantages.

Health Research Topics that will grab the attention of your readers

  1. Adequate Ergonomics and muscle strain prevention.
  2. Psychological and physical role of a sports coach.
  3. Physical fitness and Yoga.
  4. Benefits of regular exercises for the nervous system.
  5. Tracking physical fitness and its importance.
  6. Analyzing the core principles of fitness training.
  7. Multi-level fitness test and its functioning.
  8. Popular diet mistakes you might avoid in physical and mental health management.
  9. Fitness training for diabetes and obesity control.
  10. Cognitive development of a child and physical fitness.
  11. Alcohol consumption its an effect on bone development.
  12. Role of outdoor physical activities in heart disease prevention.
  13. Movement patterns and high injury risks.
  14. Core activities before a rigorous training session.
  15. Aggressive behavior and physical activities in teenagers- Explore their relationship.
  16. Is healthcare cost in the US justified?
  17. Pros and cons of using animals for research.
  18. People’s health and poverty- Relationship analysis.

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The miscellaneous Health Research Topics

  1. Healthcare services for the uninsured- Role of the government.
  2. Reporting organ trafficking cases- Relevance for the doctors.
  3. Is marijuana legalization a good idea?
  4. How does exercising further degrade a person’s health?
  5. Obesity problem as a public health issue.
  6. Pill controls for the teenagers- Review.
  7. Elderly centers and the admission of old age people- Major decisions for the kids.
  8. Imposing a ban on television channels advertising smoking and drinking.
  9. Amazon’s forest community health- Role of the government.
  10. Space medicines and their benefits.
  11. Impact of atom bombs on public health.
  12. Discuss the effects of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing incidents of 1945.
  13. Forecasting the next disaster after Covid-19- WHO’s roles and responsibilities.
  14. Pandemic management strategies- Reducing the duration and making it more efficient.
  15. Legislations regulate social media usage as it impacts the user’s health.
  16. Diabetes causes in children.

A list of Health Research topics that gives way to sufficient information to write on

  1. Measles resurgence in the 21st century developing countries- Comparative analysis.
  2. Key causes of the national drug problem.
  3. Public health improvement- Role of social media.
  4. HIV/AIDs prevention is the best strategy of pandemic control- Review.
  5. Bioterrorism- US’s readiness before and after the 9/11 attack.
  6. Covid-19 pandemic response in developing and developed countries- A comparative analysis.
  7. Smoking teenagers and its impact on their adulthood life.
  8. Comparing the maternal mortality rate in the US and any developing country.
  9. Importance of translators in UK’s hospitals for non-English speakers.
  10. The healthcare cost of South Africa and the United States- A comparative analysis.
  11. Influence of fast-food chain on obesity- Role of the state in regulating the fast-food chains.
  12. Appropriate age for sex education to start in a school.
  13. Covid-19 pandemic and the role of quarantines in controlling it.

Some of the high-scoring and productive Health Research Topics

  1. Relevance of global coordination in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Theories and causes of Covid-19- Analyze the mystery.
  3. Controlling health pandemic- Role of a nurse.
  4. On-demand birth control pills for teenagers.
  5. Importance of limiting medical issues of a person to allow treatment for others in their community.
  6. Impact of television shows on a person’s diet.
  7. Stress and depression management- Role of Tai Chi.
  8. Is it a good idea to use animal tissues on human beings?
  9. Sustainable healthcare system and informatics approach- A comprehensive analysis of Canada.
  10. Analyzing the main treatment options for Anorexia Nervosa.
  11. Reasons for miscarriages in pregnant women in the first trimester.
  12. Maternal practices effectiveness in rural and urban areas- A comparative analysis.
  13. Impact of social media on psychological courses in the college.
  14. Computers will not replace doctors- Review the statement.

Health research topics for the public

  1. The most critical illness of the 21st
  2. History of health- A comparative analysis between the past and the current perception.
  3. Comparing healthcare in various countries-Identify the minimum.
  4. Depression and anxiety- A true threat to health.
  5. Excessive weight is the new bane of human civilization.
  6. Analyze the true relevance of pills in a person’s life.
  7. Emergence and causes of bioethics.
  8. Analyze the drawbacks of chemotherapy over its advantages.
  9. Organ harvesting over transplantation- Review.
  10. Acute pain management and its impact on living standards.
  11. List the biggest epidemic in the world, and analyze its growth and control measures.
  12. Impact of tobacco and alcohol ban on the overall health condition.
  13. Assisted suicide and euthanasia- Discuss its moral aspects.
  14. Homeopathic medicines and homeopathy- Suspension causes in some countries.

A list of expert Health Research Topics

  1. History of surgery and its function in accumulating human health information.
  2. Healthcare services an asylums and prisons- Government’s role in quality management.
  3. How sex education might prevent the spread of STDs.
  4. Relevance of reproductive health in the last ten years.
  5. Palliative care and satisfaction for the rest of the life.
  6. How do agree on a person for an experimental treatment?
  7. Comparing newborn and infant health to that of the adults.
  8. Health as a fashion- Benefit of health trend for the society.
  9. How do healthy lifestyles at different ages transform?
  10. Do women need extra attention during their pregnancy?
  11. Impact of beauty standards on the entire health and humanity history of the society.
  12. Medical research and how it is relevant in motivating healthcare professionals.
  13. The impact of tobacco and alcohol ban on the health condition of common people.
  14. Body positivity is the new standard of health, ignoring the body problem, and explain how it is good from a perspective.

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Latest Health Research Topics

  1. Using cutting-edge technologies to treat women’s infertility issues
  2. Analyzing the differences between teen pregnancies in new york and california.
  3. You should avoid common dietary errors to maintain your physical and emotional wellness.
  4. Controlling diabetes and obesity with fitness training.
  5. Child’s cognitive growth and physical condition.
  6. Role of outdoor exercise in preventing heart disease.
  7. Describe the consequences of the 1945 bombings of nagasaki and hiroshima.
  8. Roles and obligations of who in predicting the next tragedy following covid-19.
  9. Pandemic management strategies: shortening the time and improving effectiveness.
  10. Laws governing social media use and how it affects an individual’s health.

Final Words

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