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Anthropology is a scientific study that predominantly focuses on the evolutionary history of humans and how they behave, socialize, and communicate. In addition to the physiological and biological features of humans, the subject also studies their social aspects like family, culture, religion, language, and politics. If you are an anthropology student, then for your final assignments, you will be asked to work on any anthropology research topics. Currently, would you have to prepare an Anthropology research paper? Well, for writing a top-scoring anthropology thesis, firstly, you must have a good topic.

As anthropology is a wide field of study, in it you can find numerous research areas and topics to consider. However, when you have plenty of topics, then pulling out one ideal topic from it may become challenging for you. So, to make your topic selection easier, here we have explained how to choose a good anthropology research topic and have also shared the important steps for writing an anthropology research paper. Additionally, for your convenience, we have also compiled a list of amazing anthropology research topics in various categories.

Keep on reading this blog post and get compelling ideas for writing an anthropology research paper.

Anthropology Research Topics

How to Write an Anthropology Research Paper?

An academic paper that is written after performing deep research on any topic related to the field of anthropology is referred to as an anthropology research paper. Do you know how to prepare an Anthropology research paper? If you have no idea, then execute the following steps in order to come up with a successful anthropology research paper.

  • Firstly, read and understand the research paper writing guidelines of your professor or university.
  • Secondly, identify the anthropology research area you wish to conduct research on.
  • Thirdly, in your preferred research area, choose a good anthropology research topic.
  • Fourthly, analyze the chosen topic and generate a focused research question or strong thesis statement for discussion.
  • Fifthly, research and gather the important points or ideas from sources related to your research topic to explain and prove your thesis statement.
  • Sixthly, plan your research paper and prepare an outline with the gathered ideas.
  • Next, as per your university’s research paper writing instructions, elaborate the outline and prepare the anthropology research paper by dividing it into essential sections such as the introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. Mainly, the research paper you write should explain and prove your thesis statement with valid supporting evidence or examples.
  • At the end of the academic paper, include a bibliography section and cite all the sources you have used in your work.
  • Finally, before submission of the research paper, remember to proofread it multiple times and edit if it has any errors in it.

Anthropology Research Paper Topic Selection

In the anthropology research paper writing process, topic selection is one of the significant steps. Mostly, the success of your research paper will highly depend on the topic you choose to write. So, you need to be more careful with your topic selection.

In general, your professors will either suggest some research questions for you to work on, or they may ask you to choose the topic on your own. Do you know how to choose a good anthropology research topic? If you are clueless, then make sure to execute the below-mentioned steps during the topic selection phase.

  1. Firstly, identify the anthropology research area you are passionate about or have strong knowledge of.
  2. Secondly, in the identified research area, gather many topics and ideas with a wide research scope.
  3. Thirdly, brainstorm all the collected research topics and shortlist any 2 or 3 topics that allow you to generate a powerful thesis statement, express your arguments, and prove them.
  4. Fourthly, conduct preliminary research on the shortlisted topics, and from it choose a topic that matches your interest. Note that, the topic you choose should have extensive information, many reference materials, and pieces of evidence. It should be neither too vast nor too specific. Also, the topic should be engaging and informative for your readers. Instead of choosing a frequently discussed topic, give preference to a unique or trending topic.
  5. Finally, before you confirm the topic check whether it satisfies the instructions shared by your professor.

In case, you have any doubt about whether the topic you have chosen is perfect or not, consult with your professor before your start preparing your paper. Having a prior discussion with your professors will help you to improve the quality of your writing and boost your grades.

Anthropology Research Topics List

Are you searching for the best research topics and ideas for writing your anthropology research paper? Well, especially to help you out, here we have listed some interesting anthropology research topic ideas in areas such as biological anthropology, physical anthropology, ethnographic anthropology, medical anthropology, and cultural anthropology.

Go through the entire list and from it pick a topic that suits perfectly for your anthropology assignment.

Biological Anthropology Research Topics

Biological anthropology is a scientific discipline that studies human biological variation and evolution. The following is a list of some unique biological anthropology research topics that you can consider for writing your anthropology research paper.

  1. Examine the transgenerational impact of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions.
  2. How does maladaptation affect migrants?
  3. Explore the socio-economic and cultural history of Americans and alcohol drinkers.
  4. How do social relationships affect nutritional choices and human healthy living?
  5. Analyze the possibilities of traditional institutions in preserving cultures.
  6. Examine the commercialization and commodification of medicine and healthcare in contemporary society.
  7. Assess the biology of same-sex matrimony in North America.
  8. Discuss the relationship between malnutrition, violence, and chronic disease.
  9. Analyze the concept of vulnerability and risk in public health care.
  10. Examine clinical interactions in any social association of your choice.
  11. Explain how pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies shape contemporary medicine.
  12. Analyze the effectiveness of strategies used to control the Ebola virus in Africa.
  13. Explain human biological variability.
  14. Discuss the cultural implications of gay marriages in Europe.
  15. The socio-economic history of alcoholism in Western Europe.
  16. How do social relationships affect nutritional choices and human healthy living?
  17. The clinical interactions in any social association of your choice
  18. The origin, spread, and transgenerational impact of any endemic in any society of your choice
  19. Analyze the concept of vulnerability and risk in public health care.
  20. The commercialization and commodification of medicine and healthcare in contemporary society.

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Medical anthropology is an interdisciplinary field of anthropology that studies how the health of humans and the environment are spoiled by the interrelationship of humans with other species and norms. Mostly, this subject focuses on the human health and health care system from multidimensional and ecological viewpoints. Some captivating medical anthropology research topics are listed below.

  1. What is the role of ethnobotany in medical sciences?
  2. Evaluate how the spread of HIV/AIDS is improved by sex workers in Central Europe.
  3. Assess the residue of why societal infamy is linked to HIV/AIDS.
  4. Evaluate the medical threats of depression in South Asia communities.
  5. Analyze the strength and weaknesses of orthodox and unorthodox medicine in Native Americans.
  6. Examine how nursing ethics become pragmatic in the career of professionals.
  7. Assess women’s sexuality and how culture affects sexual health.
  8. Analyze the environmental health disaster of two countries of your choice.
  9. Assess the complications in the treatment of periodontal disease.
  10. Present the status of cancer after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia.
  11. What is transcultural nursing?
  12. Explain big pharma and the complications of watchdogs and whistle-blowers.
  13. Assess the connection of income to health.
  14. Trace the origin of Minamata disease and its impacts on Japanese populations.
  15. Discuss the medical practices within the colonial, post-colonial, and modern social formations.

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Physical Anthropology Research Topics

Listed below are some amazing biological or physical anthropology research topic ideas that you can take into consideration for preparing your anthropology research paper.

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of eugenics in today’s society.
  2. Analyze five pieces of Literature on the stages of drowning till death.
  3. What are the contemporary facts that support past research and experiences of homo habilis?
  4. Analyze the physical concept of re-adjusting newborn babies by nursing mothers.
  5. Examine the influence of the environment on skin color.
  6. Discuss the consequences of smoking on human physical appearance.
  7. Explore aging in Asian countries and what it means for them.
  8. What is the underlying Egyptian belief in preserving the dead?
  9. How does cremation stand in the way of establishing human bone morphology?
  10. Compare aging in African and western cultures.
  11. Account for the similarity and contrast in the philosophy of ancient Greece and Italy
  12. Assess Latin language and account for the development of other languages since their inception
  13. Assess the Slavic groups and explore the development of the aborigines and the modern Slavophiles
  14. Account for the significance of women in ancient Egypt
  15. The origin of man in different societies of civilization

Ethnographic Anthropology Research Topics

Ethnography is a branch of anthropology that studies individual cultures systematically. It predominantly explores the cultural phenomena from the point of view of a specific subject. Here are some great ethnographic anthropology research topic ideas that will be helpful to you in preparing a brilliant anthropology research paper.

  1. What is the role of clinical science in the pharmaceutical science of rural communities?
  2. Examine the function of Ethnography in software technology.
  3. Study why abortion is considered the first resort for sexually assaulted and domestically violated victims.
  4. Explain how teachers can adopt the findings of Ethnography in classroom learning.
  5. Assess how music and interpersonal relationship improve cognitive behaviors.
  6. Analyze how the value of education has been improved through ethnographic discoveries.
  7. Research the beliefs of Japanese students while they learn English.
  8. Assess intensive public healthcare using ethnographic information.
  9. Prepare an expository study on the role of psychologists in advancing special education.
  10. Analyze the effects of smart homes and privacy in communal Ethnographic studies.
  11. Evaluate how journalists cope with stress.
  12. Examine the boundaries of citizens’ involvement in intensive healthcare.
  13. Present an ethnographic overview of patient handover in European health care.
  14. Examine the state of theories of racism.
  15. What is the role of Ethnography and its studies in psychology?

Cultural Anthropology Research Topics

Cultural anthropology is a branch of anthropology that studies cultural variation among humans across the world. The following is a list of cultural anthropology research topics you can take into account for writing an anthropology research paper.

  1. Explore the emergence and influence of culture on tourism.
  2. What is the role of literature in spreading libertarian ideas?
  3. Assess the role of literature in the evolution of human ideas.
  4. What is the significance of gangs and fraternities in the development of modern England?
  5. Analyze the concept of social status in any African community.
  6. Research music, dance, and parties in contemporary society.
  7. Explore the cultures of many Native American tribes and how it has changed over time.
  8. Analyze the religious beliefs of two traditional groups in Europe.
  9. Discuss the significance of social media in the culture of the first and third world.
  10. Explain the evolving roles of women in Asian countries.
  11. Analyze the Philosophies of two societies of your choice.
  12. Assess how burial practices are interwoven with religion and myth.
  13. Explain the link between cultural anthropology and political science.
  14. Explore the social and cultural revolution leading to homosexuality in Africa.
  15. Assess the structure of family and marriage in any two countries of your choice in Africa and Asia.
  16. Share some effective strategies to reduce cultural baggage.
  17. Explain how superstitions affect the African way of life.
  18. How language acquisition influences culture.
  19. Discuss the evolution of sexual discrimination in modern times.
  20. Explain the existence of racism in modern times.

Outstanding Anthropology Research Topics

Listed below are a few outstanding anthropology research topic ideas that will help you in scoring an A+ grade.

  1. Examine the greeting gestures in American, Chinese, and Native African societies.
  2. Compare the philosophy of ancient Greece and Italy.
  3. Analyze how the process of aging exacerbates fear of old age.
  4. Discuss the evolving matrimony ideas in Asia.
  5. Explore the concept of piercing in western countries and India.
  6. Study the global outlook of HIV/AIDS and how it concerns the LGBTQ community.
  7. Compare and contrast American and Asian music.
  8. Explain the significance of the Greek culture on Italian languages and culture.
  9. Evaluate the history and significance of the festivities of Halloween.
  10. Analyze the effects of the internet and western civilization on the traditions of Japan.
  11. What are the factors that propel religious aggressions?
  12. Assess the Slavic groups and explore the development of the aborigines and the modern Slavophiles.
  13. Explain the significance of women in ancient Egypt.
  14. Explore how the internet promoted westernization.
  15. Examine how Muslim parents dominate their children’s choices.

Top-rated Anthropology Research Topics

Here are some top-rated anthropology research topics that will be helpful to you in preparing an informative anthropology research paper.

  1. Analyze the development of rock music and its connection to any Native American tribes.
  2. Explore the impact of contemporary ideologies on Native American societies.
  3. What are the factors that promote the culture of bullying in America?
  4. Examine how US veterans are integrated into society.
  5. Assess the religious beliefs of Catholicism and its influence on contemporary faith.
  6. Examine the concept of drug trafficking in Africa.
  7. Explain the psychology behind genocide and its effects on human relationships.
  8. Assess the politics of Arab countries.
  9. Study the contemporary psychology of traveling between teenagers and their parents.
  10. Discuss the concept of adulthood amongst Brazilians and Indians.
  11. Explain the influence of western feminism and the culture of silence in the Arabic Muslim world.
  12. Examine the influence of cross-cultural experiences in the modern world.
  13. Discuss the nature of matrimony in Islamic societies.
  14. Conduct an anthropological analysis of human behavior in Lord of the Flies.
  15. Examine how US veterans are integrated into society.

Excellent Anthropology Research Topics

If you wish to prepare a successful anthropology research paper, then you can take help from any of the below-listed excellent anthropology research ideas.

  1. Discuss the influence of environmental anthropology on medicine.
  2. Analyze the role of folklore in the defense and transgenerational retainment of cultures.
  3. Explain the traditional and contemporary definitions of beauty.
  4. Examine how the migration policies of Poland affect migrants.
  5. Assess radioactive carbon dating accuracy.
  6. Discuss the recent improvements in crime detection.
  7. What are the advantages of western socialization with Islamic countries?
  8. Explain the link between terrorism and human trafficking.
  9. Explore the use of fossil records in paleoanthropology.
  10. Assess the eating habits of European homeless persons.
  11. Present a review of the latest archaeological dating methods.
  12. What are the long-term effects of physical labor on the physical appearance of a person?
  13. Discuss the underlying beliefs behind the preservation of the dead in ancient Egypt.
  14. Explain the important changes in theories behind linguistic anthropology.
  15. Explore Latin America’s indigenous languages.

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  1. How do biotech and pharmaceutical industries influence modern medicine?
  2. The connection and contrast between chronic disease, violence, and starvation in any civilization of your choosing
  3. the difficulties of providing healthcare to the general populace in a developing country.
  4. How might educators use ethnographic results into lessons?
  5. The importance of clinical science in rural communities’ pharmaceutical research
  6. Why is abortion seen as the first option for victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse?
  7. How have ethnographic findings enhanced the value of education?
  8. Analyze two cultures of your choice’s philosophies in great detail.
  9. The definition of “cultural baggage” and strategies for dealing with the notion of “culture invasion”
  10. Has the recognition of Egypt as the birthplace of civilization been impacted by western ideas of superiority?

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