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Economics is a branch of social science that focuses on the issues that affect the financial situations and decisions of an individual, organization, and nation. In a nutshell, economics is a study of scarcity and choice. The subject predominantly deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of global resources among individuals and a large segment of the population. If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in economics, then to obtain your graduation, you must work on any economics research topics and submit a thesis.

Right now, would you have to submit an economics research paper? Well, for writing an economics thesis, first, you must have a good research topic. In general, economics is a vast field and hence in it, you can find several research areas and topics to work on. However, when you have endless research topics, then finding one perfect topic from it would become tedious. So, in order to help you in identifying an ideal research topic, here we have shared some important economics research paper topic selection tips. Also, we have listed100+ excellent economics research topics and ideas in various areas of economics.

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How to Write a Brilliant Economics Research Paper?

An economics research paper is an academic paper that is written on any topic related to the field of economics. If you have no knowledge of how to write an economics research paper, then simply execute the following steps in order.

  1. Firstly, read and understand the professor or university’s economics research paper writing guidelines.
  2. Secondly, according to the guidelines, search and find a unique economics research topic that is comfortable for you to research and write about.
  3. Thirdly, conduct in-depth research on the topic you have chosen and gather the major points for discussion.
  4. Fourthly, with the ideas you have gathered, sketch a well-structured outline.
  5. Fifthly, begin writing your economics research paper by elaborating on the outline you have created. Especially when it comes to writing an economics research paper, structure and organize all your points by dividing your entire paper into separate sections such as introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.
  6. On the last page of the research paper, add a bibliography section and cite all the references you have used in your academic work as per the citation style of your university.
  7. Finally, after you complete writing the entire research paper according to the university’s research paper writing guidelines, proofread it multiple times and edit if you spot any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors in the text. Remember, the final draft of the academic paper that is ready for submission should be free from errors and plagiarism.

Tips for Identifying the Right Economics Research Topic

In the research paper writing process, topic selection is one of the important steps that should be given more importance. Because the success of a research paper will mostly depend on the topic you choose to write. Usually, while assigning tasks, your professors will either suggest research questions for you to work on, or they may ask you to identify the research topic suitable for you. If you are given the liberty to choose the economics research topic of your choice, then during topic selection, keep the following tips in the mind.

  1. Choose a topic from the economics research area you are passionate about or have strong knowledge of.
  2. Pick a topic that is interesting and understandable to you as well as your target readers.
  3. Select a topic that has a wide scope to conduct research and analysis.
  4. Go with a topic that has a lot of information and credible sources for reference.
  5. Identify a topic that contains proper evidence and examples to prove the major points related to your thesis statement.
  6. Instead of choosing repeatedly discussed research topics, give preference to a topic that is unique and top-trending. For writing your economics research paper, you can also choose a topic from the area that is unaddressed.
  7. Never choose a topic that is too vast or too specific. If your topic is too broad to cover before the submission date, then narrow it down to subtopics and perform research on any subtopic.
  8. Before finalizing your topic, check whether it satisfies the research paper writing guideline.

Note that, sticking to all these tips will help you in identifying an ideal economics research topic. In case, you want to know whether you are on the right track, seek guidance from your professor prior to writing.

List of Economics Research Topics and Ideas

List of Economics Research Topics


In this section, we have presented a list of the best economics research topics in various areas such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, agricultural economics, behavioral economics, developmental economics, and so on.

If you need a unique research topic for your economics assignments, feel free to go through the entire list of economics research topic ideas recommended below, and from it pick any topic that matches your interest.

Microeconomics Research Topics

Microeconomics is a branch of economics that focuses on an individual’s economic opinions. Also, it mostly deals with limited resource distribution. The following are some great microeconomics research topics you can consider for writing your economics thesis.

  1. Write about theories in microeconomics.
  2. Economic inequality as a result of globalization.
  3. Write about perfect competition in microeconomics
  4. Discuss the balance between supply and demand in microeconomics.
  5. Explain the effect of labor force participation on the economy and budget.
  6. Analyze opportunity costs from a microeconomics perspective.
  7. Explain the effect of demonetization on small and medium businesses.
  8. How does competition influence the price?
  9. Discuss the link between the minimum wage and market equilibrium.
  10. Explain inflation sources and consequences.
  11. Discuss the economy of political dishonesty.
  12. What is the role of tax collection agencies in microeconomics?
  13. Research the uses of marketing in microeconomics.
  14. Explain how different microeconomic models face the effect of industry conditions.
  15. Discuss how company mergers and dissolutions impact the economy.
  16. Write about the implications of the privatization of public enterprises on economic policy and development.
  17. Discuss the impact of game theory on economic development.
  18. Explain the dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem of inequality in income.
  19. Discuss the economic reasons that affect the price of oil.
  20. Explain how the stock market works.
  21. Benefits of Social Media in Business
  22. America’s Role in the Global Economy.
  23. How Does Importation Affect an Economy?
  24. How Do Oil Prices Affect the Economy?
  25. Discuss Consumer Demand Theory.

Macroeconomics Research Topics

Macroeconomics is also a branch of economics that is similar to microeconomics. In general, macroeconomics concentrates on the working of an entire economy of a country and its market interaction to generate aggregate variables. Also, it studies specific things such as employment, inflation of national income, GDP, and the link between the financial market and the global economy. Here are some microeconomics research topics that will be helpful to you in preparing a brilliant economics research paper.

  1. Evaluate the world’s problems through macroeconomic analysis.
  2. Describe the structure, history, and activities of the World Bank.
  3. Explain the connection between politics and economics.
  4. Discuss the economics of education in developing markets.
  5. US Market Liquidity and macroeconomics.
  6. Explain the link between internet connectivity and productivity in the workplace.
  7. Write about income dynamics and demographic economics.
  8. Analyze the factors that contribute to the global recession.
  9. What should a government do to minimize risks of future default?
  10. Discuss the link between economic growth and unemployment in your country.
  11. Explain the relationship between common stock prices and inflation in your country.
  12. Analyze Africa’s macroeconomics and its performance.
  13. Compare the unemployment status of the United States to the rest of the world.
  14. Discuss the implications of internet banking on bank profitability.
  15. Write about macroeconomics and the self-correction of the economy.
  16. Explain the role of banks in the economy.
  17. Discuss the state regulation of the economy in foreign countries.
  18. Write about public policies and socioeconomic disparities.
  19. Explain the effect of currency devaluation on small and medium firms.
  20. Analyze the problems and possible solutions for Japan’s macroeconomics.
  21. Discuss the effect of technology on economic growth in your country
  22. Discuss the relation between economic growth and unemployment in America.
  23. What are the drivers of economic prosperity?
  24. How does the administration address inflation?
  25. Explain the reasons why recession occurs.

Developmental Economics Research Topics

Developmental economics is a branch of economics that explains how to improve fiscal, social, and economic conditions in developing countries. If you want to write an economics research paper, then take into account any of the following developmental economics research topic ideas.

  1. Investigate the link between family planning, labor force, and
    income fluctuations.
  2. Write about the determinants of high-performing institutions in emerging economies.
  3. Explain the effect of terrorism on the economy of developing markets.
  4. Discuss the effect of globalization on income distribution in emerging economies
  5. Explain the impact of natural disasters on the economy and political stability of emerging markets.
  6. Have a look at the budgeting and decision-making by low-income earners in emerging economics.
  7. Discuss the link between development and incentive for migration.
  8. What are the problems of tax and taxation in connection with economic growth?
  9. Discuss the economic consequences of population growth in developing countries.
  10. Explain the impact of multinational commodity trading through the development of an economic perspective.

Behavioral Economics Research Topics

Behavioral economics uses the elements of psychology and economics to understand the behavior of the people and their decision-making. Listed below are a few behavioral economics research topics that will be helpful to you in preparing an economics dissertation.

  1. What is the effect of behavioral finance on investment decisions?
  2. Explain the impact of economic stability on the social life of a person.
  3. Write about Big data and its implications for behavioral economics.
  4. Consumer Behavior: The buying capacity and gender.
  5. Write about the cognitive and behavioral theories in economics.
  6. Explain the guidelines for behavioral economics in the healthcare sector.
  7. What does the economy of trust mean?
  8. How does race relate to economic power?
  9. Explain how the brain changes when a person is striking a great deal.
  10. How to reduce substance abuse using behavioral economics?

Agricultural and Financial Economics Research Topics

Here we have listed some outstanding research topics on agricultural economics and financial economics. If you need a unique economics research topic idea for your assignment, then you can very well pick any topic from the following.

  1. Write about the financial economics for infrastructure and fiscal policy.
  2. Analyze the economic efficiency in agriculture.
  3. Risk-taking by mutual funds as a response to incentives.
  4. Explain the role of agriculture in building a steadfast economy.
  5. Managerial economics and financial accounting as a basis for business.
  6. Analyze the global financial crisis of 2020.
  7. Write about farmers’ contribution to agricultural social capital.
  8. Agricultural economics and environmental considerations of biofuels.
  9. Discuss the benefits of mergers and acquisitions in agribusiness.
  10. Write about stock market overreaction.

Environmental Economics Research Topics

Environmental economics is a branch of economics that focuses on the financial impact of environmental policies across the globe. Basically, this subject studies how the changes in the environment affect or support the economy. The following are some environmental economics research topics that you can consider for your academic writing.

  1. Discuss the connection between financial subsidies and the generation of eco-friendly products.
  2. Explain how technological advancement leads to economic growth.
  3. Discuss the economic perspectives on the distribution of natural resources across boundaries.
  4. Explain the evolution of economic institutions concerning climate change.
  5. Analyze the European Union Emission Trading System.
  6. Why it’s important to analyze the economics of clean drinking water?
  7. Explain the economic potential of energy markets.
  8. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the regulation of the environment.
  9. How does global warming affect economic growth?
  10. Explain how wildlife protection affects the economy.

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Healthcare Economics Research Topics

Healthcare economics concentrates on the economic issues present in the medical and healthcare field. Also, it analyzes how to effectively improve global healthcare with the available funds. Here are a few important healthcare economics research topics that you can consider for writing your economics thesis.

  1. Explain the economics of mental healthcare.
  2. Research and write about the economic problems associated with healthcare logistics.
  3. Describe the economics of drug development.
  4. Discuss the healthcare economics in emergency situations
  5. Explain the economics of personalized healthcare.
  6. Is the world’s hunger affected by economics?
  7. Explain the impact of economics on decision-making in healthcare
  8. How does perfect competition work in the pharmaceutical world?
  9. Explain how the economy gets affected by a smoking ban.
  10. How does an infectious disease outbreak affect the economy?
  11. Discuss the economics of the pharmaceutical industry.
  12. Explain the economics of government healthcare units.
  13. How do chronic diseases affect the workforce and the economy?
  14. Explain how an unhealthy country translates into a poor country.
  15. Discuss how can public hospitals can optimize their revenue collection.

Research Paper Topics on International Trade

Below we have listed some captivating economics research topics on internal trade. If you want to write a top-class economics research paper, then prefer any of the following topics.

  1. To what extent are the gains of less developed countries from trade liberalization exaggerated?
  2. Explain the link between economic growth and international trade.
  3. Describe the roles of exchange rate and exchange rate regime in the US export.
  4. Explain the effect of Brexit on small and middle businesses in the UK.
  5. Foreign direct investment in the United States: Determinants and impact.
  6. Discuss the link between foreign direct investment and wages.
  7. What are the gains and losses of international trade for developing countries?
  8. To what extent does a currency union affect trade?
  9. Explain the significance of international trade in developing countries.
  10. What are the effects of the banana crisis on the Jamaican and British economies?

Other Interesting Economics Research Topics

The following are a few more interesting economics research topics that you can consider for preparing an A+ economics dissertation or thesis.

  1. Discuss the impact of foreign tax havens on the local economy.
  2. Write about the econometric Analysis of Financial Markets.
  3. How the third-world economics can be boosted?
  4. What are the major principles of economic sociology?
  5. Explain the role of gender and culture in economic history.
  6. Discuss the challenges of small businesses in the market economy.
  7. Explain the impact of institutional economics.
  8. Discuss the influence of globalization on emerging markets and economic development.
  9. Write about Ethics and morality in socio-economics.
  10. Discuss the challenges of international economics.
  11. Explain the importance of globalization to business worldwide.
  12. Describe the economics of nuclear power plants.
  13. Write about the economic development in the tourism industry in Africa.
  14. Explain the effect of natural disasters on economic development in Asia.
  15. Write about the economics of alcohol abuse problems.

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  1. Talk about the trade models with the rise in productivity, trade gravity, and heterogeneous companies.
  2. Examine the connection between American “economic convergence” and wage levels.
  3. Compare and contrast the previous two decades’ evolution of consumption in China and the United States.
  4. How does inflation affect the availability and demand of common, essential, luxuriant, and inferior goods?
  5. Marshall equilibrium and Walras equilibrium are compared and contrasted.
  6. The benefits and drawbacks of circulating and fixed capital economics
  7. Brexit’s economic effects on the UK’s SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses)
  8. Compare and contrast the relationship between American and Chinese FDI (foreign direct investment) and wages.
  9. Demonetization’s impact on small and medium-sized businesses.
  10. Examine the dynamics of the Gini index, which reflects the problem of income inequality.

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