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Would you have to submit a feminist research paper or essay? Are you looking for the best feminist research topics for your assignment? If yes, then this blog post will be helpful for you.

Basically, feminism is all about the thoughts of the people who believe that women also have equal rights and opportunities similar to what men have. In general, this concept was developed by women as a historical, political, and social movement in order to achieve gender equality and destroy discrimination that prevails in society. Particularly in ancient times, society was more patriarchal. So, to gain equal rights, the feminist people are continuously fighting since the 19th century. But in recent times, the voice of the feminist supporters has become louder.

Generally, in our world, millions of people support feminism and a few groups of people oppose the idea of feminism. Hence, because of the contrasting mindset of people, a lot of arguments and debates are being conducted on feminist topics. Note that, feminism is not an easy issue to handle with. Therefore to cover the issue from various aspects, some colleges and universities also offer academic courses and support research on topics dealing with feminist sociology, feminist philosophies, and feminist psychology.

If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in gender studies or any feminism-related courses, then to obtain graduation you can work on any of the feminist research topic ideas suggested in this blog post. Also, for you, here we have specifically explained how to pick the right topic and prepare a brilliant feminist research paper.

Continue reading this blog post and get exclusive ideas for feminist research paper writing.


Unique Feminist research topics

How to Write a Feminist Research Paper?

Do you know how to craft a powerful feminist research paper or essay? If you have no idea, then make sure to execute the following steps in order.

  1. Firstly, choose a topic from the feminist research area you have a high interest in.
  2. Secondly, analyze your feminist research topic and gather necessary ideas for discussion.
  3. Thirdly, with the collected ideas, sketch a neat feminist research paper outline.
  4. Fourthly, by using the outline, start writing the research paper by dividing it into different sections such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  5. Craft the introduction section. In the introduction, you should add a catchy hook statement about your feminism topic, introduce the topic to the readers, and include a strong thesis statement.
  6. Prepare body paragraphs. In the body section, you should analyze and explain your research topic or thesis statement with proper evidence.
  7. Wrap up the paper with a powerful conclusion. In the concluding paragraph, you should summarize all the major points and include a valid call to action.
  8. Finally, after you complete writing the paper, proofread and edit if there are any errors in it, Note that the final copy of the research paper that is ready for submission should be plagiarism-free, and flawless.

Tips for Choosing the Right Feminist Research Topic

As said above, in the feminist research paper writing process, the topic selection is the first step you should execute. Usually, while assigning feminism research projects, your professors will either recommend some research questions or they will ask you to come up with a research topic of your choice. But the real challenge will arise only when you are given a task to select the topic on your own because feminism is a wide concept with plenty of research topics to focus on. Generally, when you have multiple options, then out of them all, choosing one would be tough.

So, in order to help you in picking the right feminist research topic, here we have shared some important topic selection tips. While you are in the topic selection stage, strictly adhere to the following tips and spot a good feminist research topic.

  1. Always select a topic from the research area that you have strong knowledge of.
  2. Choose a topic that is interesting to you as well as your readers.
  3. Give importance to the topic that is flexible to perform research.
  4. Pick a topic that allows you to generate valid solutions or derive new findings.
  5. Consider a topic that contains a wide range of information for discussion.
  6. Give preference to the research topic that has enough data sources and evidence.
  7. Avoid choosing a topic that is too vast or too specific.
  8. Instead of selecting a frequently discussed topic, choose the latest issue related to feminism.
  9. If the topic you pick is too wide, then narrow it down to any specific sub-topic.
  10. Finalize the topic only if it stands in line with your professor’s instructions.

List of Unique Feminist Research Topics

Feminism is a broad subject that mostly focuses on serious issues that women face in their day-to-day life. Also, the subject widely deals with equality, women’s political participation, women empowerment, and preservation of their dignity. Some common problems that women experience in society include sexual harassment, oppression, stereotyping, discrimination, sexual objectification, and so on.

In case, you are not sure what topic to choose, have a look at the list suggested below. The entire list will offer you 150+ feminist research topic ideas in various categories.

Explore them all and pick one feminist research topic that suits you perfectly.

Feminist Theory Research Topics

Are you interested in analyzing feminist theories? If yes, then for writing your feminist research paper, you can very well consider the following research topics on feminist theory.

  1. What is the goal of gynocriticism?
  2. Describe the role of the body in feminist aesthetics.
  3. Explain how rap music perpetuates traditional concepts of masculinity.
  4. Discuss what distinguishes feminist art from other art forms.
  5. Compare and contrast the portrayal of women in horror movies throughout the years.
  6. Explain what a women-dominated society would be like.
  7. Describe the features of femininity and masculinity- How biased is each of them?
  8. Explain the main feminist theories?
  9. Discuss the origin of spiritual feminism.
  10. Compare European and African feminists.
  11. Analyze all gender inequality aspects.
  12. Define feminism theory.
  13. Describe the nature of gender.
  14. Explain the important policies of feminist parties.
  15. What are the main indicators of inequality in society?
  16. The impact of feminism on modern education.
  17. The feminist movement in your country.
  18. Gender stereotypes: how did they occur, and are they still relevant?
  19. Your own vision of modern feminism.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Feminism

Here are some argumentative essay topics on feminism you can choose to write about.

  1. Feminism enhances hatred of women for men.
  2. The feminist movement also fuels women’s egos.
  3. Sexism doesn’t play a role in gender discrimination.
  4. Feminism should also be a fight against women brainwashed by the patriarchy.
  5. NGOs have limited control over feminist education.
  6. Should women still obey their husbands in their marriages?
  7. Feminist critics are apologetics.
  8. Women’s suffrage didn’t liberate women.
  9. Feminism is a fight against men, not patriarchy.
  10. Mixed schools can also promote feminism.
  11. Religion is an excuse for women’s violence.
  12. Society’s definition of beauty should define women.
  13. Feminism is mere psychology.
  14. Marriage is a limitation to women’s rights.
  15. Feminism is another form of politics.
  16. Influence of Black Feminism on Identity Issues.
  17. Pornography Causes Violence Against Women Feminism.
  18. Comparing and Contrasting Liberal, Socialist, and Radical Feminism.
  19. The Complicated Relationship Between Pornography and Feminism.
  20. Beyonce and Her Promotion of Feminism Through Her Music.

Feminist Research Topics on Abortion

Some people consider abortion as a fundamental healthcare right, while others see it as a criminal act. So, in general, abortion is considered a serious debate topic across the world. If you are interested in talking about abortion topics, then for your feminist research paperwork, you can very well consider any of the below-suggested feminist research topics on abortion.

  1. Investigate the occurrence of forced abortions during China’s one-child policy.
  2. Explain the non-religious persuasive arguments against abortion.
  3. What complications can occur during the abortion process?
  4. Compare organizations that offer information on abortions.
  5. Is selective abortion ethical?
  6. Abuse in teenage relationships.
  7. Compare and contrast the various legal abortion methods.
  8. Should there be restrictions on abortions?
  9. Discuss the effective ways to prevent unsafe abortions.
  10. Is criminalization of abortion discrimination?

Feminist Research Topics on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the major issues that not only affect the women but also the whole family. Basically, domestic violence occurs in different forms. If you are willing to perform research on feminist topics related to domestic violence, then you can very well choose any of the following.

  1. Discuss the cultural perspectives on domestic violence.
  2. Investigate and write about the risk factors that can lead to elder abuse.
  3. Compare cases of domestic violence in military and religious families.
  4. Write about domestic violence in closed religious communities.
  5. Explain how communities respond to domestic violence.
  6. What actions would fall under domestic abuse?
  7. How healthcare specialists can identify victims of violence effectively?
  8. Investigate the link between women’s suicide and abuse.
  9. How do mental sicknesses and domestic violence affect each other?
  10. What is the role of feminists in coping with the domestic violence issue that exists in society?
  11. Why are men more violent than women?
  12. Write about the treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence.
  13. Suggest new solutions for domestic violence.
  14. Discuss the role of parental communication in preventing domestic violence prevention.
  15. Domestic violence is a terror of the feminist movement-Discuss.
  16. What is the role of domestic violence in enhancing the feminist movement?
  17. Explain how to deal with domestic violence.
  18. Analyze the psychology behind victim-blaming.
  19. What are the main motives for femicides?
  20. Is sibling bullying a form of domestic abuse?

Interesting Feminist Discussion Topics

The following are some interesting feminist topics you can take into account for hosting a general discussion.

  1. Assess the ways through which feminists cope with societal discrimination and violence.
  2. What is the feminist critics’ position in the face of global gender inequality?
  3. Criminality and feminism.
  4. Why the pay equity idea deserves everyone’s support?
  5. Do feminist movements deserve the government’s support?
  6. Feminism and single mothers.
  7. Explain the rights and privileges of women in underdeveloped countries.
  8. What are the pros and cons of feminism?
  9. How feminism can influence a brand’s income negatively.
  10. Does feminism cover rebellions?
  11. How literature is used to undermine women?
  12. Is modern feminism the cause of men’s discrimination?
  13. Discuss the judgment of men on women by their cuisine.
  14. How do fitness clubs discriminate against women?
  15. Examine how terrorist organizations use women as a means to achieve political goals.
  16. Is feminism a need or a historical relic?
  17. Widespread feminists and feminism myths.
  18. Feminist critics’ position – How right are they?
  19. Explain the pros and cons of radical feminism.
  20. Can feminist stents be divided into incorrect and correct?

Feminist Research Topics on Women Empowerment

In the olden day, women will be excluded from certain fields or jobs such as the military and politics. But now, the situation is changing. A lot of empowerment programs motivatewomen to enter the professional fields that are highly dominated by men. Do you want to conduct research on any topic related to women’s empowerment? Well, here are some feminist research topics on women empowerment that will be helpful for you.

  1. Criticize the gender empowerment measure.
  2. Discuss the achievements of the global Women Deliver Conferences.
  3. What’s the problem with the female gendering of AI assistants?
  4. Explain the influence of climate change on gender equality.
  5. What can businesses do to bridge the financial inclusion gender gap?
  6. Explain the role of the internet in empowering girls.
  7. Find out the reasons for the gap between committing to advancing equality and corporate efforts to execute women’s empowerment programs.
  8. Explain the recent trends in women’s empowerment.
  9. Discuss the meaning of ‘to be empowered’.
  10. Analyze the gender empowerment measure.
  11. Discuss the reliability of the Gender Development Index.
  12. What are patriarchal taboos that keep women from seeking power?
  13. How do e-learning help woman worldwide gain independence?
  14. Explain how to encourage women to give public speeches.
  15. Define the gender digital divide.
  16. What are the benefits of women’s empowerment?
  17. Discuss the significance of the women’s empowerment principles.
  18. Explain the reasons why workplace health is a concern for women’s empowerment.
  19. How do digital transactions empower women in developing countries?
  20. Discuss how to empower the women in a community.

Simple Essay Topics on Women’s Studies

Women’s or Gender studies is an interdisciplinary science that fuses research from fields such as psychology, economics, and social science. The subject mainly focuses on the issues, experiences, culture, and social constructs around a specific gender. Here are some simple topics on women’s studies that you can choose to write about.

  1. Why do men have less confidence in women’s abilities than in men’s?
  2. What is the role of women in modern nation-building processes?
  3. Discuss the social construction of gender roles.
  4. Should feminists be against supporting care policies?
  5. What is the role of feminism in international relations?
  6. Universal basic income: changing perspectives for women.
  7. Do children’s toys restrict gender criteria?
  8. Are hijabs a symbol of oppression?
  9. Why are men who wear female clothing stigmatized?
  10. Discuss the reasons women have for sex tourism.
  11. Write about the gender bias in criminal justice.
  12. Define velvet rope discrimination.
  13. Is paid maternity leave a fundamental right for workers?
  14. Discuss social taboos: postnatal depression.
  15. Explain the role of gender in law-making.

Amazing Project Ideas on Feminism

Are you looking for great project ideas on feminism? Don’t worry! Here is a list of some amazing feminism project ideas that you can consider for your research work.

  1. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of identifying as a feminist.
  2. Explain equity and equality in feminism.
  3. How does feminism have a resemblance to rebellion?
  4. Examine the link between feminism and lesbianism.
  5. Discuss the future of feminism as hoodlums and violators.
  6. Explain the motivating factors across the history of feminism.
  7. What is the future of feminism in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan?
  8. Explore the gender gap in the pursuit of any country’s independence.
  9. What is the role of Asian women in the feminist movement?
  10. Explain the challenges of women during the Second World War.
  11. Explore the history of women’s rights in Europe.
  12. Explain how feminism has increased education against rape.
  13. Discuss the morality of feminism.
  14. Explain the importance of women’s rights to own property.
  15. Explore the activities of women during World War I.

Powerful Feminist Research Topics

The following are some powerful feminist research topics you can take into account for preparing your research paper.

  1. Discuss the connection between the feminist movement and black lives matters.
  2. Describe the reasons for men’s discrimination in society.
  3. Write about feminism and sports.
  4. Has the feminist movement helped women?
  5. Discuss the contribution of feminism to traditional beliefs of gender roles.
  6. Explain how feminism equates to human rights.
  7. What is the role of mass media in the global understanding of feminism?
  8. Is feminism all about male dominance?
  9. Discuss the anti-feminist movement.
  10. Analyze the possibility of a female president in America.
  11. Explain how feminism affects modern lifestyle and fashion.
  12. Discuss the importance of social media in feminism.
  13. Is feminism a relic of the history of a subject of modern need?
  14. What is the role of women in the modern world of entrepreneurship?
  15. How have women also impeded feminist advocacy?
  16. Explain the role of #MeToo movement in the adoption of feminism.
  17. How feminism is used to promote advocacy for equal rights?
  18. Is feminism just about women?
  19. How has feminism reconstructed gender roles?
  20. Is the feminist movement a platform to increase women’s power?

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Top-rated Feminist Research Topics

Listed below are some top-rated feminist research topics that will help you in scoring an A+ grade.

  1. How does feminism preach the incorporation of men’s traditional responsibilities into women’s responsibilities?
  2. Who needs feminism the most?
  3. How can society achieve complete gender equality?
  4. Analyze why there are limited women in both politics and business.
  5. Modern men should fight for their rights as women do.
  6. What are the challenges that men face while fighting for the feminist ideology?
  7. Global legislation against gender-based inequality.
  8. Analyze the chauvinistic display of modern feminism.
  9. Examine the possibility of splitting up the society through feminism.
  10. Explain the cognitive significance of gender equality.
  11. Discuss the role of bullying in limiting female and girl self-belief.
  12. Why should everyone adopt feminism?
  13. List out the importance of Black Feminism.
  14. The education of men and women about feminism
  15. Why there is no gender balance in Asian countries?
  16. Is total global gender equality possible in two generations to come?
  17. The anti-feminism position.
  18. Discuss the societal effect of feminism.
  19. How do some women oppress other women with feminist ideologies?
  20. Do males earn less than females in modern society?

Fascinating Feminist Research Topics

Here are a few more fascinating feminist research topics that you can adapt.

  1. Discuss the goals of the Women’s Trade Union League.
  2. Child Marriage: the impact of Girls Not Brides.
  3. Define how feminism influences science.
  4. What is the role of women in the Civil Rights Movement?
  5. Explore the distinct types of feminism and how hairstyles are also a form of political statement.
  6. Describe the meaning of provocative feminism.
  7. Does being an anti-racist equal to a feminist?
  8. How to adopt feminism.
  9. Feminism in Islamic countries.
  10. Investigate the relation between women’s health and rights throughout history.
  11. Explain the significance of Bitch Manifesto.
  12. Discuss the history of women in American Politics.
  13. Explain the modern feminist manifesto, and what have they included in the feminist ideology?
  14. What does cyberfeminism imply?
  15. Women in leadership positions: the rhetoric and the reality.
  16. Why sexism in advertising is still a problem?
  17. How to fight gender stereotypes in the 21st century?
  18. What is eco-feminism?
  19. List out the problems with the female gendering of AI assistants.
  20. Explain how being a gentleman could be insulting to feminists.

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Latest Feminist Research Topics

  1. Why is Gloria Steinem regarded as the most well-known feminist in the entire world?
  2. How biased is each of the characteristics of femininity and masculinity described?
  3. Describe how feminists helped to define what it means to be a single mother.
  4. What role do feminists play in society’s efforts to eradicate the rape and violence against women threat?
  5. Why is there such a discrepancy between corporate attempts to execute women’s empowerment initiatives and commitments to advance equality?
  6. What can medical professionals do to better accurately identify victims of violence?
  7. Why are male partners thought to be the primary perpetrators of domestic abuse towards their female spouses?
  8. Analyze the ways in which terrorist groups employ women to further their political objectives.
  9. Analyze the coping mechanisms used by feminists to deal with violence and discrimination in society.
  10. Give examples of contemporary feminist manifestos and describe what elements they contain.

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