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The Position Research Paper Topics can be quite controversial and it constitutes both advantages and drawbacks together. These are known as argumentative papers and the Position Research paper is one of them. Here, in this blog post, we have mentioned a well-crafted list of fantastic research topics that the students can use for their assignment papers. Right after you have chosen a topic of your interest, you can move forward with the arguments and questions for their paper. So, let us have a look at the list in this blog post and choose the best possible position paper.

List of the best position papers for different subjects in college


Position Research Paper Topics

Position Paper Topics on various facts and information

Here is a list of informational Position Research Paper Topics, have a look:

  1. How is Medical research useful in distancing from threatening and harmful?
  2. The occurrence of STDs helps in the improvement of sexual education outline
  3. Banning alcohol advertising will help in the reduction of dependence, especially doing certain activities
  4. Cutting down fast food advertisements on TV can encourage to make healthy food
  5. The bargaining plea system will not be operated anymore, how?
  6. Pursuing arts can help a lot in improving the longevity of an individual
  7. Should the internet protect the rights of the artists too?
  8. Press freedom is a must, particularly for entire civilization development
  9. Media is owing to the overall growth of secular tensions
  10. China emerges as the next global superpower
  11. The employees’ loyalty comes under the HR policies of a company
  12. A wide diversity in a workplace is very crucial for retaining employees
  13. Diversity in the workplace enhances the productivity of the workforce
  14. If you spare the rod, you would spoil the child
  15. The government of a country can determine the country’s progress by the woman’s status in society.
  16. There is strength in bigger numbers
  17. The companies dealing in social media must necessarily fix and adhere to privacy policies
  18. Parents should restrict the usage of social media by teenagers.
  19. This is a great idea to replace textbooks for academics with online resources
  20. Women are making themselves safer when they are dressing up conservatively
  21. Is a medical experiment on animals ethical?
  22.  Is it a good idea to use the medical knowledge that was gained by experiments in Nazi camps in modern medicine?
  23. Should forcible quarantining of individuals with STDs like HIV aids be imposed?

Unique Position Research Paper Topics

  1. With the increase in the rate of unemployment, there is a noticeable surge in crime rates
  2. Computers’ emergence makes change a lot, particularly people’s lifestyles
  3. Teenagers are engaging in promiscuous sex and consequently, likely to develop STDs
  4. Adding days to the average school year at any cost significantly improves learning habits
  5. Liberty is a synonym for freedom
  6. Religious prosecution exists even in the prevailing modern era
  7. Media can considerably influence the election results especially the political parties
  8. The elected female officers are much  different  than the elected male officers
  9. Inclusion of disabled people in every sphere of the society
  10. Inclusion of the people from the LGBTQA+ community in mainstream social settings
  11. Drastic change in people’s practices of socialization over the past three decades
  12. Women are safer when they have a conservative and disciplined life
  13. Russia should stop its war against Ukraine
  14. Do race and ethnicity have an impact on the health of individuals?
  15. Is online medical consultation a good idea?
  16. Should healthcare insurance be mandatory?
  17. Should abortion be legalized?
  18. How can you best help a family member or friend who is depressed?

Criminal Justice- Position Paper Research Topics

Position Paper Research Topics for the subject of Criminal Justice can be very interesting to write on, take a look:

  1. The different types of holistic practices such as meditation, and yoga improve the prisoner’s mindset, how?
  2. The authorities must allow the prison inmates to earn their living during their tenure inside the prison.
  3. The prison inmates tend to take better mental health assistance
  4. The authorities should reduce the prisoners’ imprisonment term in case their behavior considerably improves inside the prison
  5. When a prisoner gets the freedom of speech, it does not delegate double standard law at any cost.
  6. The prisoner ought to take vocational training during their punishment period. This initiative is a positive way to reduce the crime rate.
  7. The police officer needs to follow the ethical codes more strictly
  8. The police officers provide both lenient trial and treatment in the Indian justice system. This happens to owe to criminal activity.
  9. Consumption of drugs should strictly come under a criminal offense
  10. Banning illegal drugs would reduce dependency in time
  11. Both men and women become the prey of domestic violence
  12. Since many drugs are accountable for violence, stringent law emergence can cope with it
  13. Bringing in an improvement in the juvenile prison systems would benefit society to a great extent
  14. The minors adults committing heinous crimes ought to try court law than juveniles
  15. Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies.
  16. Criminal Justice Employees’ Rights and Laws.

Amazing Position Research Paper Topics

  1. Building more prisons would help in curbing the crime rates
  2. The prison treats the inmates ethically is surely better than those who are living in harsh living conditions
  3. The white-collar criminals ought to necessarily face a similar prosecution as any other criminal
  4. Is it a fair idea to allow media to cover criminal cases? Further, Do it relates to celebrities only?
  5. Does media coverage influence the overall outcome of criminal justice?
  6. Should the government invest in better living conditions for the inmates?
  7. Does news coverage on social media platforms provoke criminals?
  8. Discuss the Great Trial of 1922
  9. Compare and contrast between blue-collar crime and white-collar crime with examples
  10. Prison reforms and alternatives to imprisonment
  11. Is it an ethical step for the U.S. government to abolish the abortion law?
  12. Is a verdict of life imprisonment and/or death penalty ethical to pass for a person who has murdered someone for self-defense?

Some of the valuable topics in the Position paper research

A list of valuable topics for the Position Research Paper Topics is given below:

  1. Both the nuclear families and the traditional joint families are good enough for children? Explain your argument.
  2. Is it ethical to create memes?
  3. Should elite athletes earn an enormous amount?
  4. Is the usage of biological mutation morally acceptable?
  5. What are the things people should and should not post on social media?
  6. Should conventional schools invest in fine arts?
  7. Are liberal arts as an educational stream important?
  8. Does private tuition worth even the high costs?
  9. What do you mean by “designer babies”?
  10. Make sure whether you pay for music or are free?
  11. Is the representation of both male and female gender in political office crucial?
  12. Should you allow kids more time for free paying or should you engage them in scheduled activities?
  13. Should the authorities ban beauty contests for young girls?
  14. Is it necessary to control the Barbie dolls advertisement campaign?
  15. Does the police officers’ racial background determine how well they do their jobs?
  16. Should the authorities allow experiments on human embryos as ethical practice?
  17. Both Emails texts and vest talking face-to-face are used for communication– which is better?
  18. Have cell phones changed the way we relate to each other?
  19. Which one is a better option – public sector schools or private sector schools?
  20. Which is more effective – the American educational system vs. European education system?

Outstanding Position Research Paper Topics

  1. Do you consider virtual classes to be better than conventional in-person classes?
  2. Classical education vs. modern education – which one is better?
  3. Student-centered education or teacher-centered education – which one is a better option?
  4. Should healthcare be a private sector or public sector?
  5. Should parents necessarily use an authoritative approach to parenting or a liberal approach to parenting to bring up a child?
  6. Traditional games vs. video games – which is a better choice?
  7. Is it better to have a pro-choice or pro-life approach?
  8. Should the schools teach nutrition concepts and modules?
  9. Medical aid versus medical insurance – which is a better approach for the financial backward sections of the society?
  10. Should the authorities treat people having health issues as part of society or outside of the same?
  11. Criminal case-based web series impact youth negatively
  12. Allopathic treatment vs. Homeopathy treatment – which one is more effective for health?
  13. Should remote education be supported even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Good Position Research Paper Topics

  1. Should hospitals and nursing homes hire translators for providing treatments to minorities?
  2. Do authorities allow doctors for advertising the medication?
  3. Are government authorities making vaccination obligatory?
  4. Is the punishment for malpractice in medical services more stringent?
  5. Should the medical insurance companies cover complications that arise from self-treatment?
  6. The major advantages as well as disadvantages associated with healthcare insurance?
  7. Should the authorities define the working shifts for medical staff clearly?
  8. The major pros & cons of the cosmetic surgery industry
  9. Why should euthanasia be permissible?
  10. Know both pros and cons of electronic health record systems
  11. Should adequate healthcare be properly provided in prisons?
  12. Is this the responsibility of the private sector for improving the healthcare services in a country?
  13. Does the government allow independent medical research?
  14. Is it the mandatory norm to test the HIV of both partners before marriage?
  15. Should the government take the onus of providing healthcare aid to the huge economically backward sections of society?
  16. Do ethnicity and race insert an impact on the individuals’ health?
  17. Should equal access to the COVID-19 vaccine be provided to all sections of society?
  18. Has modern technology and its impact on mortality rate influenced society negatively?
  19. Is online medical consultation a good idea to pursue?
  20. Are social conditions in the twenty-first century impacting the healthcare sector prominently?

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Latest Position Research Paper Topics

  1. Should the authorities make healthcare insurance mandatory for every individual?
  2. Is offering financial subsidies to the senior citizens of the country very necessary?
  3. Should the authorities allow military service personnel to sue military doctors for any nature of medical malpractice?
  4. Is drug addiction a disease?
  5. Should the authorities declare abortion to be legal in society?
  6. Should the authorities impose forcible quarantine of individuals with dreaded sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS in a country?
  7. Would it be a great idea to use the medical knowledge that was gained from the experiments in Nazi camps in the field of modern medicine?
  8. Do you consider conducting medical experiments on animals ethical?
  9. Should free healthcare to be mandatory for all the citizens of a country?
  10. Does going vegan can improve the health of an individual?
  11. Is bodybuilding considered to be healthy?
  12. Which is the most dangerous illness of the twenty-first century?

Psychology Position paper research topics

Take a look at the top Position paper research topics for the subject of Psychology that is given below:

  1. Psychology and personality are related terms.
  2. Geniuses are usually eccentric.
  3. Mental health disorders treatment can occur at home to change habits accordingly.
  4. Is addiction to food a very big concern?
  5. The older generation people boasts of better mental health.
  6. Do issues in mental health affect a relationship?
  7. The military personnel is in the need to have better mental health care
  8. Impulsive decisions do not have a negative outlook at any rate
  9. What are the prevailing Freudian principles and their relevance in modern society?
  10. Studying child psychology helps in improving the practices of parenting
  11. The teachers must provide lectures, especially on psychology and child development core concept
  12. Behavioral psychology is the part of HR personnel for better study too
  13. Does substance abuse take place due to Mental health issues?
  14. Does physical health and mental health co-relate to each other
  15. While falling in minute mental discomfort, it is not core base to terminate his/her. Mental health
  16. Gaining employment is the right of all human beings even though mentally challenged people
  17. Conduct stringent tests for the assessment of mental health professionals
  18. Poor upbringing is owing to the individual’s sexual orientation
  19. Counseling in schools is on priority
  20. Is sexual orientation a mental health issue?

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High Scoring Position Research Paper Topics

  1. Addiction to bad substances comes into action due to inheritance
  2. health insurance Policy is owning to improve mental inequalities
  3. The government should invest to proffer mental health facilities
  4. Cyberbullying should be a punishable offense
  5. Bullying in schools is possible with both stringent repercussions and rules.
  6. It is undoubtedly preferable that the prisoners be treated ethically in jail than that they are housed in inhumane circumstances.
  7. White-collar offenders must be prosecuted in the same way as regular criminals.
  8. Is allowing the media to cover criminal trials a good idea? Does it simply apply to celebs, furthermore?
  9. Does media coverage affect how the criminal justice system turns out overall?
  10. Should the government make improvements to the prisoners’ living quarters?
  11. Do news stories shared on social networking sites incite crime?
  12. While experiencing slight mental distress, it is not necessary to put an end to him or her.
  13. Even if persons with mental disabilities have the right to employment, everyone has a right to mental health.
  14. Conduct rigorous evaluations of mental health practitioners.
  15. The status of women in society can be used by a nation’s government to gauge that nation’s progress.

The Concluding Words

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