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Are you wondering what topics and ideas are considered to be the best for English Research? Are you looking forward to writing a very impactful research paper? Do you want a unique list of the best English research topics? Generally, when one talks about writing a research paper on English, there can be a huge list of topics that will come to your mind to research. However, the task here is to choose an interesting topic that will help you hold the attention of all the readers, and this is really a challenging thing to do.

If you are not sure about how to choose an impressive English research topic and write an excellent English research paper, then we recommend you to go through this blog and know the ways to get started with your search for an impactful English research paper. Also, learn about the list of the top English research paper topics and ideas that will help you score an A grade in your English assignment.


English Research Topics


How to choose the Best English Research Topic?

It is important for the students to have proper knowledge on selecting a good topic for writing an essay or research paper on any topic. It does not matter if it is your English research paper or the research papers of any subjects, if you are assigned a task of writing a research paper where you are free to select a topic of your choice; you need to follow the steps given below

  1. First and foremost, select the topic that holds your interest.
  2. Do deep-ended background research and conceptualize different ideas as per your interest.
  3. Jot down the different keywords that will help in narrowing down the essay topic.
  4. Lastly, examine and check for different perspectives on your chosen topic. This can be done by raising vital questions like what, who, why, who, and when.
  5. Form an outline of the structure of your content, the way you would want it to look as per your answers to the questions.
  6. Before you finalize your research topic, take into consideration the length, and the deadline. You also need to check if your topic meets all the requirements of your assignment as given by your professor.

To choose the best English research topics and ideas, you need not focus on one single topic. You are free to any kind of modification on your topic. Form new and interesting research ideas by analyzing the various perspectives of the selected topic.

You must not forget that the research topic you will select will be a good one only if it is exciting and interesting for you and your professor both. Also, it is suggested to choose a topic that you are familiar with and that it must have a scope for research and sufficient reference sources. So, when creating your ideas and topic for an English research paper, keep these things in mind for scoring an A+ grade.

Best Topics and Ideas for your English Research Paper

It is a fact that English is a huge subject; this also means that there can be a variety of research topics. If you have to write a research paper for English, you can use any topic from different categories which are related to English literature, drugs, politics, technology, drugs, religion, discrimination based on gender, and others.

Commonly, looking for a good research topic can be a lot of time consuming and also will require a lot of effort. Therefore, to help you make your search process better and more convenient, and to help you save your time, we have recommended here a list of the best English Research Topics and Ideas.

Go through the list and choose a research topic that is of your interest and that will help you get a top-quality English research paper:

Few Good English Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it ethical to wear fur coats?
  2. Are standardized tests a good way for evaluating a student’s knowledge?
  3. Is random drug testing in the workplace ethical and necessary?
  4. Is technology affecting health management?
  5. If college education is made free, will it be more or less qualitative?
  6. Does motivation play a role in human development?
  7. Do pharmaceutical companies view the Ebola vaccine as unprofitable?
  8. Should the use of marijuana be regulated?
  9. Does motivation play a role in human development?
  10. Have the effects of religious cults changed today as compared to those in ancient society?
  11. The consequences of negativity in modern literature.
  12. Professional jargon on social media.
  13. How does language help to shape one’s cultural identity?
  14. The link of language aspects to literacy.
  15. The use of language in political competition.

Excellent English Research Topics

  1. Examine the American Literature
  2. How have women contributed to literature?
  3. Advantages of studying internationally versus locally
  4. What is the prevalence of discrimination at work today?
  5. How do alcohol and drug addiction lead to suicide?
  6. Ways of improving race relations
  7. How have novels impacted political issues?
  8. Should corporal punishment be allowed?
  9. Analyze terrorism and its impact on business
  10. Should drug testing be mandatory for student-athletes?
  11. The effect of cell phones and texting
  12. Should people sell their organs to get money?
  13. Ways of reducing human trafficking in America
  14. The role of technology in economics
  15. Psychological factors that influence consumer choice
  16. Biblical allegories in modern literature
  17. Democratic political system along with its benefits and limitations
  18. Difference between authoritarianism, democracy and monarchy
  19. Biblical hermeneutics
  20. Manuscripts of the New Testament
  21. Textual criticism of the New Testament
  22. Describe the contributions of Indian writers to English literature.
  23. Explain the theme of racism in Heart of Darkness by Josef Conrad.
  24. The manifestation of non-standard usage of English among University Students.
  25. Describe the personal happiness versus societal norms in Victorian literature.

Great English Research Paper Topics

  1. How can hunting become a necessary means in some cases?
  2. Sexism in the media industry
  3. Drawbacks of a democratic political system
  4. The issue of feminist women being too harsh on other women who don’t support the movement
  5. Whether or not convicted criminals should be eligible for social welfare.
  6. The effects of gangs in poor urban centers
  7. How can the pleasure of literature lead to a dark side?
  8. The perception of how women love in the legend of La Llorona
  9. The importance of the digitization of medical records
  10. Life in London in the 18th century
  11. Literary criticism of The Monk by Mathew Lewis
  12. The expectation of women in Marge Piercy’s Barbie Doll
  13. Criticism of gender roles in The Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
  14. The theme of racism in Heart of Darkness by Josef Conrad
  15. How modern-day heroes shape young people
  16. The link between illegal immigration and terrorism
  17. Does modern technology for teaching affect the quality of education?
  18. How marriage has changed in modern society
  19. Celebration of Pride Month in the United Kingdom
  20. Cases of Mercy Killing in the United States
  21. Euthanasia – Right to Die versus Right to Life
  22. Use of automation in the healthcare system
  23. Literary criticism of The Monk by Mathew Lewis
  24. Compare and contrast the Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot

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Exciting English Research Topics

  1. The link between illegal immigration and terrorism
  2. How myths about eating certain foods are affecting health
  3. Pros and Cons of e-learning
  4. The American dream for immigrants and minorities
  5. Is UFOS a reality or fiction?
  6. America’s dream for immigrants and minorities
  7. How has the role of women in the military and battlefield changed?
  8. How technology is revolutionizing terrorism
  9. The drawbacks of online dating apps
  10. How depression affects human behavior
  11. Violent discipline by caregivers affects a child’s mental growth
  12. How alternative medicine for cancer is unsafe
  13. Negative effects of doing the wrong exercises
  14. Cybercrime is the new terrorism
  15. European influence on fashion in the world
  16. The genetic link to optimism can shape attitudes. Explain
  17. The impact of Bioterrorism
  18. Effects of commercialization of sports
  19. Dangers of consuming organic foods
  20. The refugee crisis is increasing terrorism

Top English Research Topics

  1. Cross-cultural influences of the English language.
  2. Should sport betting be regulated?
  3. Tobacco advertising and its effects
  4. Dangers of weight lifting on women
  5. The definition of feminism has changed since the 18th century
  6. Should it be mandatory for parents to control their kid’s social media accounts?
  7. Globalization and how it affects the economy
  8. Contributions by Indian writers to English literature.
  9. The civil rights movement and the effects
  10. Shakespeare’s contribution to English literature.

Unique English Research Paper Topics

  1. Industrialization and agricultural activities are the greatest contributors to climate change
  2. Is social media making it easy for models to become rich?
  3. The reasons for fictional languages in literature
  4. Female writers in English literature.
  5. Gender controversy in modern English.
  6. Challenges of learning English as a second language
  7. The role of women in the military.
  8. The impact of child labor on society.
  9. The decline or increase of divorce over the decades
  10. The role of affirmative action in education or work
  11. The COVID-19 – An Unrestricted Bio-weapon
  12. The Outbreak of Monkeypox
  13. Contribution of the World Poet Rabindranath Tagore in the field of global literature
  14. Contribution of William Gaddis in the field of US literature

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Impactful English Research Paper Topics

  1. The effective ways to reduce bullying in learning institutions
  2. What has led to the reduction of unemployment today?
  3. Analyze crimes orchestrated by white collars and the punishments
  4. How prevalent are wrongful convictions?
  5. Should we legalize all illegal immigrants?
  6. The modern pop musician has more influence than musicians of the 80s
  7. Children should be taught at school about various types of sexual orientation
  8. Therapy and how it can be an effective rehabilitation method for hard-core prisoners
  9. Is bodybuilding only for boosting ego or for health reasons?
  10. Dehumanization effects of colonialism in Heart of Darkness by Josef Conrad
  11. Sea symbolism in Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold
  12. Use the Monk by Matthew Lewis as a response to formal realism.
  13. Strange medieval family laws and their influence on society
  14. Golan Heights and its importance to the Israelites
  15. The pros and cons of legalizing prostitution
  16. Second-hand smoke is the major cause of lung cancer deaths
  17. Athletes are excelling because of their professional trainers.
  18. How obsession with healthy eating can drive more people into anorexia

Latest English Research Topics

  1. Describe the literary contributions made by Indian authors to English.
  2. Describe the book Heart of Darkness’s subject of racism.
  3. English use that deviates from the norm among university students.
  4. Describe how Victorian literature contrasts individual satisfaction with society expectations.
  5. Compare and contrast T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock with Matthew Arnold’s The Dover Beach.
  6. Utilizing Williams Blake’s London, talk about the themes of industrialisation, corruption, and capitalism.
  7. The biggest causes of climate change are industrialization and agricultural practices.
  8. Is it simpler for models to get wealthy because to social media?
  9. Rabindranath Tagore, a world poet, made contributions to world literature.
  10. William Gaddis’s contributions to American literature

The Final Words

We hope that you can now use any research topic of your choice and come up with an outstanding paper after you have gone through the list of English research paper topics and ideas mentioned in this blog post. If you have a problem with choosing a topic for writing your research paper if you are still finding a problem with writing a good Geology research paper, then feel free to get in touch with our team of academic experts and get your Geology assignment help. We will deliver you high-quality paper at a very affordable price.

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