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Would you have to prepare a research paper on communication topics? Are you looking for the trending communication research topics for your assignments? Well, communication is a broad discipline with plenty of research areas and topics to focus on. Especially, when it comes to writing a communication research paper, you can choose to write on any topic from the areas such as business communication, interpersonal communication, virtual communication, intercultural communication, and so on. However, when you have limitless topics, it may become tough for you to identify one ideal topic from it.

So, in order to help you in identifying the right topic for your communication thesis, here, in this blog post, we have shared the important communication research paper topic selection steps and tips. Also, we have categorized various areas of communication studies and have listed 100+ excellent communication research topics to simplify your hunt for the research topic.

Continue reading this blog post and get gripping ideas for communication research paper writing.


Communication Research Topics

How to Find a Good Communication Research Topic?

A communication research paper is an academic paper that is written on any communication topic. Basically, communication is a set of theories and processes used to share information between individuals and within groups of different settings. As an academic discipline, communication courses mainly focus on the various communication styles, theories, tools, and advanced technologies used for conveying thoughts and ideas to individuals and mass audiences. Also, the subject concentrates on the behavior and psychology of humans from the communication perspective.

Right now, do you have to write a communication thesis? Cool! To write a successful communication thesis, a great topic is necessary. Usually, while assigning the tasks, your professors will suggest the latest research topics for you to work on. But at times, they may ask you to choose a topic on your own. In case, you are asked to come up with a good communication research topic of your choice, what would do? It’s simple! Just execute the following steps in order.

  1. Firstly, identify the communication research area that you are interested in or have strong knowledge of or experience in.
  2. Secondly, in the research area of your choice, search and gather valid research topics.
  3. Thirdly, brainstorm all the research topics and eliminate the ones that are without or with minimum research scope.
  4. Fourthly, conduct a preliminary analysis of the shortlisted communication research ideas and find an ideal topic.
  5. Finally, before you confirm your topic, check whether the topic you have selected satisfies the research paper writing guidelines of your professor.

Tips for Selecting an Ideal Communication Research Topic

Sequentially executing all the above-listed steps will help you in finding a communication topic for your research assignments. But if you want to choose the right communication research topic, then make sure to stick to the following tips during the topic selection stage.

  1. Choose a topic from the communication area that you are interested in.
  2. Pick a topic that is informative and exciting for your target readers.
  3. Select a topic that allows you to conduct in-depth research and analysis.
  4. Avoid choosing a popular or frequently discussed communication research topic.
  5. In order to make your paper stand unique in the crowd, go with a topic related to the latest and trending communication technology.
  6. Identify a topic that has extensive information and enough credible sources such as online websites and printed papers for references.
  7. Give preference to a topic that has valid supporting evidence to prove your thesis statement.
  8. Avoid picking a topic that is too vast or too narrow.
  9. Narrow down your topic, if it is too broad to cover all the major details before the deadline.
  10. Finalize your research topic only if it meets the writing requirements shared by your professor or university.

In case, you have any doubt about whether you are on the right track, consult with your professor and get approval for your topic before you begin writing your communication dissertation. Because seeking guidance from the professors in advance will help you to improve the quality of your academic paper and will also boost your grades.

List of Communication Research Topics

List of Communication Research Topics


In this section, we have listed some unique communication research topic ideas in various areas such as business communication, interpersonal communication, mass communication, virtual communication, and intercultural communication.

If you need topic ideas for your communication research paper, feel free to access the list below and pick any topic that suits you perfectly.

Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

Interpersonal communication is the process of exchanging information, feelings, and ideas between two or more people through either non-verbal or non-verbal methods. The following are a few amazing interpersonal communication research topics that you can consider for your academic work.

  1. Explain the effectiveness of interpersonal communication when persuading people.
  2. What are the factors that affect interpersonal communication?
  3. How to deal with blindness as a barrier to interpersonal communication.
  4. Explain the importance of listening in conversation.
  5. Describe the conflicts that arise from interpersonal communication.
  6. Write about deceptions in interpersonal communication
  7. Discuss how culture can influence interpersonal communication.
  8. Explain how gestures and body language influence interpersonal communication.
  9. Write about interpersonal communication competence.
  10. Explain the impact of emotions on communication.
  11. Write about the latest interpersonal communication trends.
  12. Explain how to improve interpersonal communication.
  13. How effective is non-verbal communication?
  14. Explain how gender affects interpersonal communication.
  15. What is the barrier to language and verbal communication?
  16. Dealing with blindness as a barrier to interpersonal communication
  17. The growth of social and personal relationships
  18. Conflicts arising from interpersonal communication
  19. Culture and communication
  20. Competence of interpersonal communication

Mass Communication Research Topics

Mass communication refers to the process of creating, analyzing, and sharing information with a larger set of the population through verbal and written media. If you are a journalism and mass communication student, then for your research projects, you can very well work on any of the following mass communication research topics.

  1. Why mass communication and media are important?
  2. How effective are phone-in programs?
  3. Compare state broadcasting and private broadcasting.
  4. Explain the impact of digital media.
  5. Write about the role of journalists in modern communication and the dangers they face.
  6. What are the effects of the internet on media ethics and standards?
  7. Analyze the growth of private media ownership.
  8. Discuss the challenges facing freedom of the press in various countries.
  9. Is print media still competitive?
  10. Explain the laws of mass communication in different countries.
  11. Mass media and democracy: What is the role of communication in a democratic country?
  12. Analyze the attitude of viewers and listeners towards mass media
  13. Write about the constitutional provisions for mass media.
  14. Are the airwaves truly liberated?
  15. Analyze the role of mass media in rebranding.
  16. Influence of mass communication in driving social changes and reforms
  17. Political rhetoric on local, state, national, or international level
  18. Shadow-Authoritarianism in the field of mass communication
  19. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression in the United States
  20. Journalism Ethics:Good news vs Bad News

Business Communication Research Topics

Business communication refers to the process of exchanging business-related information between the people within and outside a company. In order to achieve business goals, effective communication is needed to interact with the employees of an organization. The following are a few excellent business communication research topics you can take into account for writing your communication thesis.

  1. E-mail writing and management in the workplace.
  2. Write about effective horizontal communication in the workplace.
  3. How to manage communication crises in organizations.
  4. Explain how to develop marketing value using communication skills.
  5. How to balance downward and upward communication in an organization.
  6. What are the vital issues in organizational communication?
  7. How to deal with organizational uncertainty.
  8. What are the best approaches for business-to-business communication?
  9. Compare corporate communication and public relations.
  10. Write about effective business communication practices.
  11. How can brand awareness be made possible through communication?
  12. Explain how organizations can benefit immensely from the press.
  13. How are communication skills essential in marketing?
  14. A guide to writing an effective organizational communique.
  15. Explain how the sharing of messages affects the business market.
  16. How to craft a top-notch business letter.
  17. How to handle external communication in a business effectively.
  18. Write about intercultural communication in a competitive global business environment.
  19. Describe corporate social responsibility communication.
  20. Discuss the relationship between social media and organizations.

Intercultural Communication Research Topics

Intercultural communication refers to the process of exchanging information between people of different cultures and social groups. Here is a list of outstanding intercultural communication that will help you in preparing a top-notch communication research paper.

  1. How to teach intercultural communication effectively.
  2. Discuss the effects of intercultural communication at the workplace.
  3. How effective is intercultural communication?
  4. Explain the effective ways to deal with intercultural communication bias.
  5. How language apps boost intercultural communication.
  6. Discuss the practical strategies for intercultural communication
  7. What are the effects of technology on intercultural communication?
  8. Write about the common intercultural communication barriers.
  9. How artifacts affect intercultural communication.
  10. Explain how science journalism affects intercultural communication.

Virtual Communication Research Topics

Virtual communication is a mode of communication that uses audio and video technology to communicate with people who are not in the same room. Often, the companies which follow remote work culture use virtual communication for exchanging information. Listed below are a few virtual communication research topics that will be helpful to you in writing a brilliant communication research paper.

  1. Write about the credibility and trust issues in virtual communications.
  2. Compare virtual communication and traditional discussion.
  3. How to have nonverbal dialogue during virtual communication.
  4. What are the pros and cons of a virtual classroom?
  5. How to reach a consensus during a virtual dialogue
  6. Explain how to build trust in virtual teams.
  7. How to use virtual dialogues to improve interpersonal communication.
  8. Explain how culture affects virtual communication.
  9. Discuss the impact of virtual meetings on corporate communication.
  10. How to effectively train employees to hold virtual meetings.

Communication Research Topics on Social Media

Since the arrival of the internet, social networking sites have become a powerful communication tool to share the latest news, send and receive messages, and update important information. If you are interested in analyzing the communication involved in social media, then you can very well work on any of the following topics for your communication research paper.

  1. How has social media contributed to plagiarism and piracy?
  2. Who is responsible for ethics on social media?
  3. Research the policies related to social media.
  4. Explain the effectiveness of social media on campaigns.
  5. How has social media connected and disconnected people at the same time?
  6. Discuss the impact of social media on academic progress.
  7. Explain how social media has led to a kidnapping.
  8. Discuss the growth of fake profiles on social media websites.
  9. What is the future of social media?
  10. How effective is social media as a communication tool?
  11. Analyze the effectiveness of social media marketing
  12. Write about crimes and Social Media.
  13. Is social media taking over the broadcast media?
  14. What measures can curb false information on social media?
  15. Have Facebook and WhatsApp took over family time?

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Interesting Communication Research Topics

Here are a few interesting communication research topics that will help you in fetching an A+ grade.

  1. Explain how international journalism has grown over the years.
  2. Discuss the impact of the freedom of speech on media
  3. Explain the effects of personality traits on communication styles.
  4. How are media laws effective in ensuring credible reporting?
  5. Share the difference between mainstream media and art-house.
  6. What is journalism ethics?
  7. Why is radio still popular?
  8. What are the various theories of communication?
  9. Describe the role of communication in education.
  10. Research the history of communication
  11. How accurate is news from the media?
  12. Explain how broadcasting media is effective in promoting the use of contraceptives.
  13. Suggest how to select the best communication method for the target audience.
  14. How do facial expressions affect interpersonal communication?
  15. Explain the impact of interactive online communication on public relations outcomes.

Latest Communication Research Topics

Are you hunting for the latest communication research topics? Well, have a glance at the list presented below.

  1. Write about digital cognition and virtual communication across the world.
  2. What is the future of communication?
  3. Explain how race impacts modern communication.
  4. How effective are Skype and Zoom meetings?
  5. Is racism a hindrance to effective communication?
  6. What is the role of bloggers in social media?
  7. Phonology and sign language as the means of modern communication.
  8. Analyze the growth of video blogs.
  9. Write about the social networks in the modern world.
  10. Discuss the new communication technologies.
  11. Suggest effective ways to improve non-verbal communication.
  12. How effective is interpersonal communication in persuasion?
  13. Is communication the trademark of a great leader?
  14. Explain how communication affects the company’s leadership.
  15. Analyze the growing trend of teenage texting and its impact on relationships.
  16. Communication tips in handling a depression case.
  17. Analyze the growth of fake news as a result of social media.
  18. Write about technology and its impact on communication.
  19. What is the specific language used in the negotiation?
  20. How do politicians use communication as a campaign tool?

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  1. Describe the effective multicultural communication techniques.
  2. Give some suggestions for efficient intercultural communication instruction.
  3. Describe the impact science journalism has on cross-cultural communication.
  4. Describe how interpersonal communication works to persuade others.
  5. Talk about how technology affects cross-cultural communication.
  6. How to handle prejudice in cross-cultural communication.
  7. Describe the impact of artifacts on cross-cultural communication.
  8. enhancing cross-cultural communication using language applications.
  9. What impact does intercultural communication have at work?
  10. Talk about the typical obstacles to cross-cultural communication.

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