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Food Research Paper is an academic paper that provides information about the topics related to various food research areas such as food science, food technology, nutrition, food safety, and so on. If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in any food courses, then to obtain graduation, you must work on any food research paper topics and present an informative thesis. Writing a food research paper may sound easy but it involves a lot of challenges. Firstly, to prepare a brilliant food thesis you must have a good research topic and extensive research information on that topic.

Basically, the food industry is one of the flourishing industries in the world. Especially in this modern era, along with the growth and development of technology, food is also taking several forms. In particular, fast food, packaged food, processed food, and ready-made food with added preservatives are ruling human life. Therefore, as a result of the consumption of such food items, humans also suffer from a wide range of diseases. Mostly, the modern food style and the advancements in the food industry act as the root cause of health diseases.

As food is essential to leading a life, a lot of research activities are being carried out in the food and its allied areas. Some highly-focused food research areas include nutrition and dietetics, food processing, dairy technology, food science, food safety, and food technology.

Right now, would you have to prepare a good food research paper? Are you searching for the latest research paper topic ideas on food? Well, continue reading this blog post and get exciting food research paper topics. Also, from here, learn how to choose an ideal topic for food research paper writing.


Food Research Paper Topics

Food Research Paper Topic Selection

One of the main requirements for crafting a research paper is a good topic. Usually, for writing a food research paper, your professors will suggest some unique research questions on food. Topic selection will not be hard if your professors provide research ideas. But at certain times, they will allow you to select a research topic on your own. The real challenge arises only when you are given the freedom to choose a research paper topic.

As food is a broad field, you can find plenty of research areas and research topics in it. However, when you have many topics, then choosing one perfect research topic from it would be tedious. In case, you are asked to come up with an ideal food research paper topic of your choice, make sure to execute the following steps.

  1. Firstly, search and find the food research area that you are passionate about and have a strong knowledge of.
  2. Secondly, from your preferred food research area gather more research topic ideas.
  3. Thirdly, brainstorm all the gathered research topic ideas.
  4. Fourthly, narrow down the list by eliminating the ideas without or less research scope.
  5. Finally, from the refined list of ideas, conduct preliminary analysis and choose one topic that you feel is right for you.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Food Research Topic

The success of your academic paper mostly depends on the topic you choose. So, at the time of topic selection, be careful with your analysis. If you want to identify a good topic for your food research paper, then adhere to the following tips during topic selection.

  1. Choose a topic from the research area that fits your interests.
  2. Focus on the research areas that are not addressed frequently.
  3. Pick a topic considering your knowledge and skills.
  4. Understand your target audience and give preference to the topic that is exciting for you as well as your readers.
  5. Avoid selecting popular or commonly discussed food research topics.
  6. Choose a food research paper topic that allows you to perform deep research and derive new findings.
  7. Select a topic that contains enough information, trusted sources for references, and valid pieces of evidence supporting your arguments or research statement.
  8. Never pick a topic that is neither too broad nor too specific.
  9. If the topic is too vast to cover before the deadline, then divide the topic into subtopics and concentrate on any one specific sub-topic that has a good research scope.
  10. Finalize the research topic only if it stands in line with your professor’s writing guidelines.

Sticking to all the above-mentioned tips will help you in finding a good food research paper topic. But before you proceed with writing your food research paper, consult with your professor and get approval. As professors are responsible for evaluating your academic paper, getting their input would be useful for you in improving your work and boosting your grades.

Food Research Paper Topics List

Here we have shared a list of the best food research paper topics in various areas such as food science, nutrition, food safety, fast food, food business, and so on.

If you have no idea what topic to choose for your food essay or thesis, take a look at the list below. The list will suggest you 100+ food research paper topic ideas in different categories.

From the entire list, you can very well choose any topic that is comfortable for you to perform research and prepare a top-notch food research paper.

Research Paper Topics on Food Science

The combination of both basic and applied science of food is referred to as food science. In general, it is a multidisciplinary field that involves chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, biochemistry, and engineering. This subject mainly depends on other science disciplines to solve real-time problems associated with the food system. If you are pursuing a degree in food science, then for your research assignments, you can very well pick a topic from the following food science research topics.

  1. Explain the production and uses of protein hydrolysates and the removal of bittering principles.
  2. How to fight against food waste effectively.
  3. What’s wrong with food addiction?
  4. Describe the toxicity of the aqueous environment.
  5. A comparative study on the physio-chemical properties of vegetable oils.
  6. Explain the factors that affect the taste of wine.
  7. Discuss the influence of ethanol and pH balance on taste.
  8. What happens to stored foods?
  9. How to influence the psychology of eating?
  10. Explain how to effectively prevent food poisoning.
  11. What happens to stored foods?
  12. Factors that influence the taste of wine
  13. How to effectively prevent food poisoning?
  14. The influence of ethanol and pH balance on taste.
  15. How to influence the psychology of eating?

Food Research Paper Topics on Nutrition

Food and Nutrition are essential for the survival of all living organisms. Most importantly, the nutrients supply energy to the body. Some important nutrients needed for the body are carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Food is the only channel through which the body can gain its fuel. So, in order to remain healthy, individuals must take nutritious food or follow a healthy diet. If you are interested in updating your knowledge of food and nutrition, then for preparing your food research paper, you can consider any of the following food research paper topics on nutrition.

  1. Why are amino acids important to the growth of muscles?
  2. Write about nutritional deficiency and the critical diseases malnutrition can cause.
  3. Why is food science important in human nutrition?
  4. Explain the nutrition-related health effects of organic foods.
  5. How do the dietary habits of females affect their overall nutrition?
  6. Discuss the link between bone density and poor nutrition.
  7. Explain the worldwide status of vitamin D nutrition.
  8. What are the most important types of nutrition to help body development?
  9. Is it safe to use nutritional supplements to help bone density?
  10. How affordable are nutritional supplements for poor people?
  11. Discuss the effect of sports nutrition on the achievements of athletes.
  12. Research the history of the ethnological and socio anthropological study of nutrition.
  13. Is organic milk a significant source of nutrition?
  14. Food preferences and nutrition culture.
  15. Do dry beans serve proper nutrition and health benefits?
  16. Qualitative analysis of natural nutritional supplements.
  17. Increased nutrition regulations on fast food restaurants
  18. Write about the nutrition for cancer.
  19. Discuss the nutritional values of food and exercise.
  20. Discuss the metaphysics of food.
  21. What are the most important types of nutrition to help body development?
  22. Bone density and poor nutrition: the correlation
  23. How affordable are nutritional supplements for poor people?
  24. The worldwide status of vitamin D nutrition
  25. Is it safe to use nutritional supplements to help bone density?

Research Paper Topics on Food Safety

One of the important aspects of food research is food safety. Basically, food safety is a scientific discipline that focuses on food preparation and storage. In order to prevent food-borne diseases, it is important to keep an eye on food handling processes and food safety. Do you have to perform research on food safety topics? Well, you are in the right place. The following are some interesting food safety research topics that you can consider for preparing your food thesis.

  1. Explain the food safety and inspection service in your country.
  2. What is the role of government in food safety?
  3. Food and antimicrobial resistance.
  4. Recommend how to ensure food safety and reduce the diseases caused by mosquitoes
  5. Write about food safety and health violations at the workplace.
  6. Food safety risk assessment.
  7. Discuss the effective ways to reduce the risk of food allergies.
  8. Are color additives safe?
  9. Meat and resistance to antimicrobials.
  10. How to eliminate the risk of botulism?
  11. Discuss the requirements for food safety and quality in the European Union.
  12. Explain the role of food safety in preserving the gene pool of the population.
  13. Prepare a comparative analysis report of healthy food and junk food.
  14. Explain the influence of food on the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy.
  15. Discuss the theoretical and methodological aspects of food security.

Simple Food Essay Topics

Here are some simple and easy food essay topics that will help you score an A+ grade.

  1. What are immune-boosting foods?
  2. Food presentation is a form of art.
  3. What are the chronic diseases of lifestyle?
  4. Explain the risks of eating junk food.
  5. Protective fats are found in seeds and nuts.
  6. Should fast foods be sold in hospitals?
  7. Do we need more fast-food restaurants in society?
  8. Discuss the effects of fast food on society.
  9. Certain food groups should not be mixed – true or false?
  10. An analysis of the socio-economic benefits of the fast-food industry.
  11. Food culture and obesity.
  12. How has technology changed the way we eat?
  13. Discuss the influence of food on America.
  14. How do biofuels affect the food industry?
  15. Discuss the future of food.

Argumentative Food Research Paper Topics

Are you searching for argumentative food research paper topics? If yes, then take a look at the below-suggested list.

  1. Why is food justice important?
  2. Oxidative DNA damage in prostate: Can cancer patients consume tomato sauce?
  3. Is it easy to become addicted to food quickly?
  4. What are the health effects of vegetarian and vegan diets?
  5. How can overeating suppress the immune system?
  6. What is the best way to boil rice?
  7. Are burgers sandwiches?
  8. Is it possible to make good pizza at home?
  9. What is the most salubrious way to cook eggs?
  10. Is a low glycemic index meal for a Neapolitan pizza a suitable choice for diabetes patients?

Captivating Food Research Paper Topics

The following are some captivating food research paper topics that you can take into consideration while writing your food research paper.

  1. Compare and contrast home-cooked meals and fast food.
  2. How to make wine?
  3. Discuss the effect of caffeine on health.
  4. Is there one optimal diet to suit everyone’s sporting needs?
  5. Explain the myths about good and bad cholesterol.
  6. What is the role of biotechnology and research in fulfilling the nutritional needs of people at a low price?
  7. Is genetically modified food safe for human bodies and the environment?
  8. Comparative study on vegetarian diets and omnivorous diets.
  9. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals.
  10. What is the role of plant sterols in treating high cholesterol?
  11. Calcium sources for dairy allergic people.
  12. Explain the effects of a long-term ketogenic diet on health
  13. Write about the food sensitivities in children.
  14. What are the healthiest sugar substitutes?
  15. Discuss the advantages of the macrobiotic diet.
  16. What are the effects of sweeteners and sugar on health?
  17. Should plastic food packaging be banned?
  18. Calcium deficiency and milk.
  19. Are beans a good substitute for meat proteins?
  20. Is it healthy to skip breakfast?

Excellent Food Research Paper Topics

Listed below are some excellent food research paper topics that you can consider during your topic selection.

  1. Does green tea help burn kilojoules?
  2. Why the humble lentil is considered a superfood?
  3. What is the role of super-food in our health?
  4. Discuss the role of sodium in sports drinks.
  5. Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?
  6. What causes raised acid levels in the body?
  7. Explain the role of tartrazine in foods such as butter and margarine.
  8. Are emotions related to consuming chocolates?
  9. Do Trans fats, found in many kinds of margarine, lead to cancer?
  10. Should a vegetarian take vitamin and mineral supplements?
  11. Does poor detoxification lead to inflammation?
  12. Is there a link between tartrazine and hyperactivity in children?
  13. Organic food and healthy eating.
  14. Does garlic help regulate insulin metabolism?
  15. Is raw juice fasting effective for detoxifying?
  16. Explain the role of honey in healing wounds.
  17. Freshly extracted juices are the ultimate source of live enzymes.
  18. Coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease.
  19. How does the consumption of sugared soda drinks cause cell aging?
  20. Food additives: Artificial Sweeteners.

Top Food Research Paper Topics

Are you hunting for the top food research topics? Don’t worry! Here are some top food research paper topics for you.

  1. Why do children need more fat than adults?
  2. Are organic foods better than inorganic foods in the body?
  3. Is corn-fed beef better than grass-fed beef?
  4. Write about food in the 20th century.
  5. How to fight food-borne bacteria effectively.
  6. Write about spices and their health benefits.
  7. Discuss the food safety issues in modern agriculture.
  8. Write about the food of the working-class Americans.
  9. Discuss the effective ways that the Canadian Government could implement to improve food safety.
  10. Explain the dietary laws for health.
  11. What are the issues in eco-friendly packaging design for food and drinks?
  12. Investigate the factors that affect the healthy dietary habits of an individual.
  13. Discuss the sociology of food and eating.
  14. Write about the business activities involved in managing a food company.
  15. Discuss the link between the climate and diet.
  16. What are the benefits of plant-sourced food?
  17. Compare fresh juices and carbonated drinks.
  18. Discuss the adverse effect of animal-sourced foods.
  19. Explain the effects of spicy and oily foods on humans.
  20. Write about the healthy diet to be followed by women.
  21. Explain modern diet therapy.
  22. How to stop worrying about food and weight loss.
  23. Write about school meals in Finland.
  24. What are the psychological factors that provoke eating disorders?
  25. Explain the social and cultural dynamics of food.

Outstanding Food Research Paper Topics

The following are a few more research topics on food that you can consider for writing an outstanding food research paper.

  1. Explain the properties of spirulina as a superfood.
  2. Discuss the features of olive oil during frying.
  3. How do different types of wood for smoking affect the taste of meat?
  4. What food supplement choices do underweight people have?
  5. Why should people with diabetes avoid mass-production sauces?
  6. Explain the secrets of airplane meals.
  7. How can over-eating some foods affect the immune system?
  8. What are the health benefits of vegetarian diets?
  9. How can choosing the right foods prevent brain degenerative diseases?
  10. Explain how diluting dietary products can cause nutritional deficiency.
  11. What are the pros and cons of regulating the food business?
  12. Write about the food movement in America.
  13. Explain the reasons for food waste.
  14. Discuss the proper diet for pregnant women.
  15. How to reduce the chance of heart disease with a proper diet.
  16. Discuss the effect of natural disasters on the food industry.
  17. What are the Psychological problems associated with food?
  18. Compare the female and male eating habits.
  19. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of fat-free diets.
  20. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of drinking fruit juices.

Final Words

Hopefully, the list of food research paper topics and ideas recommended in the blog post will help you in submitting a high-quality research paper. So, without any hesitation, pick any topic from the list and craft a brilliant food research paper. But in order to create a successful academic paper, after selecting a topic, perform in-depth research on that topic and prepare a research paper outline. Next with the help of the outline sketched, draft an informative food essay or research paper by presenting the relevant facts and evidence supporting your main points or arguments.

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