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Would you have to submit a research paper on chemistry topics? Are you searching for the best chemistry research topics for your final assignments? Well, especially to make your research paper topic selection easier, here, in this blog post, we have suggested a list of 150 amazing chemistry research topic ideas. Additionally, we have also shared how to find an ideal chemistry research topic for writing an outstanding research paper or thesis.

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chemistry research Topics

What is a Chemistry Research Paper?

A chemistry research paper is an academic paper that is prepared on any chemistry topic. In general, chemistry is a branch of science that majorly concentrates on the structure, composition, and properties of elements and compounds. Also, the subject deals with the changes faced by the elements and compounds and the natural laws that explain those changes. Basically, chemistry is a vast subject that involves a lot of research methods, experiments, and chemical reactions.

In case, you are a student who is pursuing a degree in Chemistry, then to get your final graduation, you must work on any chemistry research topics and submit a winning chemistry research paper. Mostly, to evaluate how well you have understood the chemistry concepts during your entire period of study, your professors will ask you to submit this paper after conducting deep research on any topic.

Chemistry Research Paper Writing

Writing a chemistry research paper is one of the challenging and difficult tasks to handle. But to craft a chemistry thesis, firstly you must search and find a good research topic on any branches of chemistry. Once you have chosen a topic, you should generate a valid thesis statement and collect the major ideas for discussion. Next, with the collected points, you should sketch a well-structured outline, and then begin writing the chemistry research paper by elaborating the outline.

Note that, the chemistry thesis you prepare should explain and prove your thesis statement with valid supporting evidence or examples. Also, the academic paper should be organized properly with essential sections such as the introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.

Finally, after you complete writing your chemistry dissertation or thesis, you should make sure to proofread it multiple times and edit if there are any errors in it. Remember, the final draft that is ready for submission should be plagiarism-free, logical, concise, and flawless.

Chemistry Research Paper Topic Selection

To write a successful research paper, an excellent topic is necessary. Usually, your professors will suggest you some unique chemistry research questions for you to work on. But, at certain times, they may allow you to choose the topic on your own.

As chemistry is a broad subject, in it you can gather several research topic ideas. However, when you have many topics, it may become tough for you to spot one perfect topic from it. So, in order to help you in identifying an ideal chemistry thesis topic, below we have shared some important topic selection tips. During research paper topic selection, be certain to stick to them all.

  1. Choose a topic from the Chemistry research area you are passionate about or have a strong knowledge of.
  2. Pick a chemistry research topic that is comfortable for you to research and write about.
  3. Go with a topic that is exciting, engaging, and informative for your target readers.
  4. Instead of choosing an already discussed research topic, give preference to the latest or advanced topics from the field of chemistry.
  5. Select a topic that has a broad scope to perform research and analysis.
  6. Choose a topic that contains more information and believable sources of references.
  7. Pick a research topic that has valid examples or evidence to prove your thesis statement.
  8. Avoid considering a topic that is too broad or too specific.
  9. If the research topic is wide, narrow it down to any specific subtopic.
  10. Confirm the topic only if it stands in line with the research paper writing instructions.

In case, you have any doubt about whether the selected research topic is right or wrong, discuss it with your supervisor and get approval before your begin writing your academic paper.

List of Chemistry Research Topics and Ideas

Chemistry Research topics

To prepare your chemistry research paper, you can very well consider a topic from areas such as physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and so on.

If you are struggling to find a captivating chemistry research topic for your assignments, then without any hesitation, have a look at the list below. The list will give you 150 chemistry research topic ideas in various categories.

Feel free to go through them all and pick a chemistry research topic that matches your interest.

Physical Chemistry Research Topics

Physical chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the interactions and transformations of materials. Primarily, it focuses on the principles of physics underlying all chemical reactions. In simple terms, the subject studies the behavior of matter at an atomic or molecular level. The following are some engaging physical chemistry research topics you can consider for writing your chemistry research paper.

  1. How do internal combustion engines work?
  2. Explain how catalysts work.
  3. What are the gas laws?
  4. When is the reaction reversible?
  5. Explain vibrational spectroscopy.
  6. What is the role of entropy in Chemical reactions?
  7. Explain the Schrodinger Equation.
  8. Analyze the use of the mean bond enthalpy.
  9. Explain chemical bonding.
  10. Define the Time-of-Flight principle.
  11. Write about electronic spectroscopy.
  12. Explain the effect of surface tension on mixtures.
  13. Why the Earth is considered a closed thermodynamic system?
  14. Explain applications in Kinetics.
  15. What are the applications of Hess’s law?
  16. Explain the rate of diffusion in gases and liquids.
  17. Write about the harmonic and an harmonic oscillators.
  18. Explain when a collision does not cause a reaction.
  19. What is the effect of temperature on chemical reactions?
  20. Explain how intermolecular forces affect the melting point of a substance.
  21. Fundamentals of statistical thermodynamics, partition functions for ideal gases and crystals, quantum statistics

Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

Analytical Chemistry is an area of chemistry that is responsible for qualitatively and quantitatively characterizing the composition of matter. If you have a good knowledge of analytical chemistry, then for preparing your chemistry research paper, you can take into consideration any of the following analytical chemistry research topics.

  1. Explain how to create new compounds.
  2. Discuss the analytical aspect of gas and liquid chromatography.
  3. Write about electroanalytical techniques.
  4. Explain how to detect pesticides using immunoassays.
  5. Identify hazardous substances in cheese.
  6. Why is analytical chemistry important for the environment?
  7. How does activation analysis work?
  8. What are the best techniques for quantitative chemical analysis?
  9. Discuss the advantages of the isomerism framework.
  10. How to determine PAH sources in soil.
  11. What are the ways to measure the amount of a specific substance in a compound?
  12. Explain the effect of genetically modified foods on human health.
  13. How to identify iron in a mixture of metals.
  14. Examine how analytical chemistry is used in forensic science.
  15. How to find adulterants in drugs.
  16. What do you mean by Spectroscopy?
  17. What do you mean by Mass spectrometry?
  18. What do you mean by Electrochemical analysis?
  19. What do you mean by Thermal analysis?
  20. Separation
  21. Hybrid techniques.
  22. Lab-on-a-chip.
  23. Microscopy.

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

Inorganic chemistry is a field of chemistry that focuses on the behavior and synthesis of organometallic and inorganic compounds. It mainly deals with chemical compounds that are not carbon-based. Here are a few inorganic chemistry research topics you can consider for writing your chemistry thesis.

  1. Examine the peculiarities of hydrogen bonds and polarity.
  2. Describe lattice energy and explain the ways to measure it.
  3. Explain the Multiple Proportions Law.
  4. How to create new alloys.
  5. What are the different types of nucleosynthesis?
  6. Explain how organic compounds differ from inorganic compounds.
  7. Why do solar cells use silicon dioxide?
  8. Discuss Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures.
  9. Explain the health effects of different chemicals.
  10. Describe the role of inorganic chemistry in the environment.
  11. Analyze the uses of point groups in inorganic chemistry.
  12. What is the most effective way to grow synthetic diamonds?
  13. Explain how molecular symmetry predicts the chemical properties of a molecule.
  14. What causes phosphorescence?
  15. Discuss the use of chemistry in jewelry manufacturing.
  16. How does the chemical structure of a gemstone determine its color?
  17. Define the selection rules for vibrational transitions.
  18. Explain how ligand substitution reactions work.
  19. Electron transfer and optically switchable molecules with non-innocent ligands.
  20. Metal complexes of bidentate and tripodal “Click”-triazoles and catalysis.
  21. Metal complexes of meso-ionic/anomalous carbenes and catalysis.

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

The study of the structure, properties, reactions, composition, and formation of compounds that contain carbon are referred to as Organic Chemistry. Listed below are a few interesting organic chemistry research topics that will be helpful to you in preparing an informative chemistry research paper.

  1. Explain how to synthesize chiral molecules.
  2. Discuss the chemical composition of vitamins.
  3. Explain the production of hydrocarbon fuel.
  4. How do free-radical reactions work?
  5. Write about the Isomerism types in organic compounds.
  6. What are the benefits of chemoenzymatic synthesis?
  7. Design benzene derivatives with improved thermal stability.
  8. Develop new methods to detect explosive residues.
  9. Study the role of enzymes in organic synthesis.
  10. What is snow pollution? Explain how dangerous it is.
  11. What makes a plant poisonous?
  12. Study the reactivity and structure of carbon nanotubes.
  13. What makes aromatic compounds unreactive?
  14. Explain the production of chemicals using carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions.
  15. Identify the factors that influence proton chemical shifts.
  16. Explain how to identify organic compounds using infrared spectroscopy.
  17. Study the photochemistry of organic molecules.
  18. Explain the mechanisms of aerosol formation.
  19. Discuss the chemical composition of pain relief medicine.
  20. What defines a compound as aromatic?

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Nuclear Chemistry Research Topics

Nuclear Chemistry is a sub-discipline of chemistry that studies the physical and chemical properties of elements that are influenced by changes in the structure of the atomic nucleus. Mainly, the subject focuses on nuclear processes, radioactivity, nuclear properties, and nuclear transmutation. Here are a few unique nuclear chemistry research topics you can consider for crafting your academic paper.

  1. Explain the relevance of hydrogen in nuclear fusion.
  2. What are the biological applications of radiochemistry?
  3. Compare the efficiency of different extraction methods.
  4. Explain how to calculate an element’s half-life.
  5. What are the common uses of radioactive elements?
  6. How to reprocess, dispose, and transport nuclear wastes.
  7. Discuss the effective ways to destroy toxic organic compounds using irradiation.
  8. How does radiocarbon dating work?
  9. Explain how radiation harms biological systems.
  10. How are chemo sensors used in radiation chemistry?
  11. What are the adverse effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation?
  12. Explain how nuclear chemistry is used in medicine.
  13. Compare the three different types of radiation.
  14. Explain the interactions between water and radioactive elements.
  15. How do elements transmute in the process of nuclear fission?

Biochemistry Research Topics

Biochemistry is an application of chemistry that concentrates on the biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. If you are more passionate about learning the science concepts related to chemistry and biology, then for your chemistry assignments, you can pick a topic from any of the following biochemistry research topics.

  1. Explain the DNA replication & repair processes.
  2. How does the Citric Acid Cycle work?
  3. Write about enzyme inhibitors and their mechanisms.
  4. Explain the role of biochemistry in cancer treatment.
  5. What role do lipids play in biological systems?
  6. Write about fatty acids metabolism.
  7. Describe the cell metabolism processes.
  8. Explain the role of biochemistry in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
  9. What is enzyme kinetics?
  10. How do solutes move through biological membranes?
  11. What is the role of amino acids in industrial applications?
  12. Explain the role of lipase in pathophysiological processes.
  13. What are the benefits of epigenetics?
  14. Obtain protein structures with X-ray crystallography.
  15. How to treat hemophilia.

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Green Chemistry Research Topics

Green chemistry or sustainable chemistry is an area of chemistry that focuses on the design and development of products and processes that reduces the use and generation of hazardous substances. If you are more interested in saving the environment, then for your chemistry research projects, you can choose any topic from the below-suggested list of green chemistry research topic ideas.

  1. How efficient is artificial photosynthesis?
  2. What are efficient ways to extract and use critical elements more sustainably?
  3. Explain how to make computer chips more sustainable.
  4. How to generate and consume fuels through electro catalysis.
  5. What are the advantages of Levulinic Acid use?
  6. Discuss the most pressing issues in green chemistry today.
  7. Analyze the advantages of molar efficiency.
  8. Discuss the twelve principles of green chemistry.
  9. How do metathesis reactions reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  10. What are the best ways to remove carbon pollution?
  11. Explain the types of bio-based renewable feedstocks.
  12. Write about the latest developments in green energy.
  13. Explain how to develop biodegradable materials.
  14. How to reduce the toxicity of paint.
  15. Write about Eco-friendly packaging and its issues.

Advanced Chemistry Research Topics

The following are a few compelling advanced chemistry research topics that will help you to score an A+ grade.

  1. When is cloud seeding useful?
  2. Explain the use of polymers.
  3. Examine the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia.
  4. Analyze the properties of imino-disaccharides.
  5. Explain how nanoscience changes our lives.
  6. Compare the different types of non-covalent bonding.
  7. Write about magnetism and coordination compounds.
  8. What chemical information can we find in meteorites?
  9. How does water recycling work?
  10. Explain the impact of nanotechnology.
  11. Discuss the connection between chemistry and makeup products.
  12. What is the influence of chemicals on long-distance product delivery?
  13. Explain how human allergies are influenced by chemicals.
  14. Design new methods to clean oil effectively.
  15. How to optimize tea brewing.

General Chemistry Research Topics

Listed below are some general chemistry research topics you can consider for writing a top-notch chemistry research paper or thesis.

  1. Explain the preparation of food dyes.
  2. Discuss how military applications use nanophotonics.
  3. Explain how batteries are made.
  4. How are pesticides made?
  5. Explain how vitamins act in the body.
  6. How heavy metals are detected in plants?
  7. Explain the formation of dry ice.
  8. Why is Sodium Azide used in car airbags?
  9. Explain how chemicals in our brains create moods.
  10. How to calculate pH Level.
  11. Explain the process of freezing air.
  12. How does photocatalysis work in a 3D printer?
  13. Explain why sticks glow.
  14. How do modern chemistry technologies affect our lives?
  15. What are nanofiltration systems and how do they work?

Latest Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Determine the variables that affect proton chemical shifts.
  2. composition, use, and outcomes of more plastics or polymers
  3. the process of making compounds through reactions that create carbon-carbon bonds.
  4. How do processes involving ligand substitution work?
  5. How can intermolecular forces impact a substance’s melting point?
  6. Justify the notion that the Earth is a closed thermodynamic system.
  7. the creation of jewelry using chemicals.
  8. Establish the criteria for choosing vibrational transitions.
  9. How are point groups used in inorganic chemistry?
  10. explanations for why polar molecules may not always have a dipole.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list of amazing chemistry research topics recommended in this blog post will be helpful to you in preparing an outstanding thesis or dissertation. In case, you want any other great chemistry research project ideas, or if you need chemistry research paper writing help, then reach out to us immediately. Especially, to assist you in completing your chemistry assignments, in our team, we have well-experienced thesis writers with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. By availing of our chemistry research paper writing services, you can very well get assistance for any kind of issues you face with research paper topic selection, writing, and editing.

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